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February 21, 2008


The French have developed a self-healing rubber band made with... urine!

(Also thanks to Siouxie)


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Oh no, I've been whizzing away a fortune!!!!

*snap* *snap*
*whizz* *whizz*
Oh what a relief it is...

Bubbly SNORT @ the great Siouxie!

In related news, French police have updated the criminal code to include "public rubber band repair"

Those French are up to no good, I tell you.

Now kids can shoot paper hornets without having to worry about their rubber bands breaking.

Can you mend tears in rubbers the same way?

I suspect you can SW, but there might be an additional fee required

ooooooooh -- Meanie's whizzing at warp speed!! SNORK @ ya!

I whiz, therefore I iz. (Motto of self-healing rubber band inventor.)

In other news from France, a giant slingshot has been built in Lyon, just in case the falling satellite needs to be deflected. Officials stae that it will be the first viable test of the new rubber band.

WTF???? The bot made me type in a code before posting.

*tosses a "t" upwards*

Thank, Tg. (And I sure hope no one mistakes my effort as a sly way of getting a "Gallic republic capitulates" line in, because that would just be wrong).

Hate it when I forget to toss my "t's."

All those molecules associating with other molecules. just what do they mean by "associating"?

Microbial molecule molestation on a moped.


"The Microbial Molecule Molesters" WBAGNFA punk band!

"And realizing that no one buys newspapers anymore and only get their news online, and there aren't many other uses for rubber bands these days, France surrendered."

it can be broken down with heat

Scientists on this side of the pond call that burning.

So, Layzee - you're saying the French like to burn rubber?

meant to add - That might explain French drivers.

They don't need any of your urine. They're already using fake urine.

"Johnny stop that this minute"

"Aw Dad, I'm just fixing my slingshot"

Wishing I could toss ^ my urine to hit the Hillary side of the ad showing on the article site...

They did this centuries ago in Mexico, except that urine was Mayan.

a french self healing rubber band?

i didn't realize they were christian scientists from france.

Urine the money, urine the money....

Nah, I've got nothin'.

Wee-wee, monsieur.

Holy water snork @ crossgirl.

Having rode the Paris subway, I think I can project with some authority that urine is an unlimited resource for the French.

WOW Those french people need some major help!!!!!!!

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