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February 25, 2008


(Thanks to DavCat)


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OK. Who made up this story? "Carty Finkbeiner" cannot be a real name.

Finally, someone in government told the truth.

Give that person a raise and a promotion!

Seems to me that with a name like Finkbeiner, the prankster was just making one little thing a bit more right in the world.

" Mr. Finkbeiner did not have a comment on the recording, Ms. Bekyarska said."

He doesn't want to admit how close to home it struck.

Unfortunately, Finkbeiner's political career is over after this, so he will be moving to Florida.

"Thank you for calling Toledo, the most liveable city."
Yeah, that's MUCH better.

How's this Annie:

Welcome to Toledo. Our frequent storms will knock you off your feet.


I'm worried. I clicked on to the comments section to type pretty much exactly what you posted

Elon - I have ex-in-laws from Cleveland. I can't imagine anything knocking them off their feet except an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Afkat - YOU'RE worried? I'm the one simul-thinking with a Canadian. ;p

Around these parts I shudder to think what would happen if some prankster tried that with Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick...! Except they would be using a lot more explicit epithet than "moron" ...

How about DC Mayor Fenty?

There's a little truth to all good humor.

"Finkbeiner" in German translates to:

 1. n. of the finch legs

 2. n. moron

It's my Carty and Finkbeiner I want to.

Hi. I'm Carty Finkbeiner, and I approved this message.

Three cheers for the prankster!

But the message should have said traitorous moron - the Marines did what they were supposed to but the mayor kept them from training - he should move to Berkley. He might want the jarheads to show up if the bad guys get lucky again - but they want serious targets - and Toledo isn't worth the effort.

What is it about Ohio mayors anyway? Kucinich comes from a different planet and I thing Jerry Springer was an Ohio mayor (I know he was a mayor - I just don't remember where).

Springer was mayor of Cleveland at one point.

Actually it was Cincinnati. I know people there and they're still in denial...

That story makes feel very good.

This guy's a certifiable weirdo. Check the story linked at the bottom about him and his dog. He won't go to meetings without it, despite the building being a "no pets allowed" kind of place.

Not only do I have to suffer from the tragic long term consequences growing up in the southeast Texas "Golden Triangle" area, now I also need to overcome the stigma of having Toledo, OH as my place of birth. HELP!!!!!!

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