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February 28, 2008


This is cool, but you know it started as a prank.

(Thanks to Lorn Ray)


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"Now I have enough sight for me to get around and I can watch television. I have come out from complete darkness to be able to do simple things," McNichol said.

Uh,..pretty much sums up any given Saturday afternoon for me.

Caption #2:

Larry Craig -- the early years.

uh, cj, you buy the beach house, i'm right there.

The first thing he said to his wife when he got his sight back was, "Hey, honey, there are crumbs on the table."

Waaaay belated SNORK at Olo!

Cheryl - what are your five favorite things in the world (not people)?

Plus, I'm miffed. The contest was my idea, but I don't get to help pick the winner? Sad. *humph*

Caption #3:

People could sometimes be cruel, but conjoined twins Elmer and Floyd learned to shrug it off and live life on their own terms.

Caption #1:

Look at you, for God's sake. You come strolling in here at this godforsaken hour, suit all wrinkled, eyes all glassy, and that breath! Don't even ... I've had about as much of your bull as I can take. You disgust me.

Very interesting.


As best I can recollect, my captions:

1] OK, I'll behave, for now.

2] I think we're in big trouble.

3] Happy Father's Day, Looking Forward to your Visit.

See? They can all be clean! Well, until cg gets back.

Brilliant, Cat! LMAO!!

Very interesting.


ACk! Spam!

SNORK! at CJ's Father's Day card!

I like Hakiqah's caption best.

Caption #2:

Look, I know it's tempting, and you're hungry. But those Cheerios are for aiming. Mom's been reading "Parenting" magazine again. Ya gotta trust me on this. Really.

Caption 1: What the DUCK?!

Caption #3:

Cousin Wilfred arrived with nothing more than an overnight bag and his white cap. That was in 1962. Gladys and Albert, being polite folks, didn't quite know how to ask him to leave.

Cat - you are gifted with these! I suck. :)

Caption #2: How do you steer this thing?

Caption #1: Chest up! Shoulders back! Shine those shoes! What kind of soldier are they turning out these days?!

So my BFF Jill's like, "WU"? And, like, I'm all, "NTM, WUWU?" And she's like, "OMG! We need 2 GAL!" I'm like, all, "IK!!!! ITA!!!!" And, like...

*back from the henna tattooing*

*got some weird design on the tops of my hands, so did my daughter*

There were some gals there doing the bride and bridesmaids that were really really good. We got ours done by the bride's aunt - not professional but she did good ;-)

Cheryl, what is this about a name contest? I'll have to have some more alcohol put my thinking cap on.

Well, obviously with no fire burning when she got home cg ran for a comforter and has roughly two nostrils exposed to air. It gets freakin' cold in Florida and if you have never experienced 32 degrees with 80% humidity, you don't get how awful it can be. I've lived in Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, and the Bering Sea, but cold in Florida sucks at an extra level.

Oops. That was caption #1.

And Snork! At Diva's drill (bill?) sergeant!

LOL, Cat - I was thinking it was caption #2! And it could be REALLY funny for #3....

Cat, the scary thing is I actually understood that.

Siouxie, did you get any "secret" tattoos??

Caption #2:

So - you tuck that little thing right in here.
Yeah, and then you just...let go.
This is lame. I already do that in my diaper. Why change?

*smacks self for thinking that way before Siouxie can do it*

Caption #...whatever

You taste maaahhhvelous.

OK, bye.


Diva, you've unleashed a monster with that cheeseburger site. Here are two of our family pets...



Cat, those are hilarious!!!!


*tackles and puts a funny hat on him*

Prof, no secret tats here ;-) sorry LOL

Blurk, stay!!!

Siouxie, how long do those henna tats last?

Cat, I think a couple of weeks. We got some simple designs though. Nothing as intricate as the ones the bridesmaids/bride were getting.

Off to walk the doggies...back in a few if I don't freezeeeeeeeee!!

Bundle up, Siouxie. We're supposed to get more snow here in Chi Town tonight, so I feel your p-p-p-p-pain...

Take some photos, Sio!

blurk... good to see ya. We've missed your shotgun.

I had no idea that you knew the word, much less would dare use the word, mahhhvelous.

Mahhhvelous, darlink. Glad to see you have gotten in touch with your inner woman.

Don't be a stranger.

Sio-photos of your new tattoos are in order.

And since clearly I'm too lazy unable to think of a blog name (now after what, a year...or so?) I am asking the blog for help. Although, due to lack of interest--my prizes totally suck as everyone is very busy I may not be successful in this endeavor.

Wow, I clicked on this and didn't realize how young he was when he did that schtick.


Hi, Med!

Med, if I had any woman parts I could get in touch with, inner or otherwise, I'd never leave the house.
And the "maaahhhvelous" comment was a Billy Crystal reference.
I swear.

Oh, and CJ...next time leave the propeller off the hat. Please.


Sorry, Cheryl. I thought we were captioning the pics on here,
and you were providing the prizes.


*waves at Cat*


Cheryl, give me your occupation and I'm pretty sure I can come up with a nickname.

Cat, that's funny. :) LOVE your pets, btw!! They are adorable! You did a great job with those.

I gave Cat advice about her entrances and exits but she did better on her own it would seem. *love the slinking in and out...very nice!*

Cheryl, I misread your email name. But it gave me some blog name ideas for you.

Bendable Cheryl?


Ooh, Doc's on it. He will so have your back. I know he's got mine. :-)

blurk, you're still alive? missed you

Cat--you think of something hysterical for a rubber ducky and a puppy--the chocolate sardine is yours.

I could only think of something rather naughty.

you need to email me, buddy, I've saved you an elk video for weeks.


I'll see how they come out and maybe take some pics. Maybe. Right now I'm gobsmacked and flabbergasted.

More alcohol is needed ;-)

WAITER!!! another vodika & sprite, for favor!

What's wrong with Cheryl Howard? It's a nice name, IMO.

Chryrl...the best I could do transposing the letters is "Howdy, a Cheer". Awkward, but it's clean, and thusly avoids a room flogging. Please, someone, do better. Anyone? Bueller?

Thanks, Diva. The Coton is my mom's dog and the moose is ours.

Doc Rick, I was going to go with the Snagglepuss reference, but then I got to thinking about the whole gender identity thing, and Cat R. is a bit ambiguous to start with, but add old Snagglepuss to the mix, and I think I'd get some folks thinking I'm a guy (again). NTTATWWT. But, having been there, and done that, with "Wessonality!" (my first blog name) and being referred to as "Wes", I thought a little slinking was in order.

But thanks for the help. ;-)

hands Sioux a tequila. (El tequilo)


No problem.... and we have some left over kamikazes. A round for everyone.

That's a good one.

And if I learned to preview, I would spell your name Cheryl. IMHO, Keep Cheryl Howard.

Oh, look out. Siouxie's trading favors for vodikas.

wyo, are you still only gettin' email through myspace?
I got one of them myspace sites my ownself. I don't know how to do the link thing though so if you want I guess you can look it up...however ya do that.
I'd love to hear from ya.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Cat, I remember you as Wessonality and I agree...Wes kinda sounded like a boy. (nttawwt - unless, of course, you're a girl - which you are)

Wyo, muchas gracias, amigo!

Siouxie nailed it!

Those vodikas are good for creativity, I see...

Please remember that we live in the best country on the planet. It can be difficult for me to get permission from cg for my next, crazy, idea, but here it is.

I'm moving Rosie back down to Florida. But I'm going to film this, because my buddy Mark is one of the funniest people I have ever met. I am a complete nerd, but Mark and I have been friends forever...we have actually won prizes for doing the most bone-headed thing ever. The lady at the bank says I should buy a house. I'm going to ask her to finance our trip down from North Carolina, if we make her laugh.

blurk, my email's on my site. you know where/how to find that. Myspace is a jungle, and I don't go there much anymore.

Good luck, CJ! And cg - I pray much patience for you, Sister. ;-)

CJ, are you able to keep Rosie?

*feels like a bit of a jerk for usin' the thread for personal use*

but not enough of a jerk to repent.

*sigh* I suspect I'm stuck with my name. NTTATWWT.
How totally unoriginal though. And let it be know that I will never, ever be able to say anything totally not PG rated here, ever.

(Doc. My business card reads
Cheryl Howard
Domestic Goddess
And frankly it does crack me up that it makes people smile.)

Okay, so moving on...

Sio--one vodika! (Is this a drink-o at the bar-o?)

Cat, I thank you. I'm sure there will be other better ones from the rest of the talented bloglits!

I don't know, Sioux - so far that's pretty darned good!

Who is Rosie?

DG it is Cheryl. Domestic Goddess isn't taken to my knowledge so it's your's if you want it.

Rosie is a riveter.

Cheryl, why not Domestic Goddess?

Rosie Palm???

Rosie Cheeks?

Rosie palm? I thought the guy with the blue eyes had that esteemed title.

Pardon me. The viagra-ised man who was seeing blue, that it.

Aw. And here I thought you meant me, Cupcake!

Rosie and the Originals.

"Angel Baby."

Rosie Cheeks is kind of cute.

I'm zipping out now - there's something in the air......

OK, Kids. My sore throat is telling me to go to bed. Have a good night, y'all!

Was it me?

Well, crud. I guess I gave my sore throat to Frank. Sorry, Mr. Chairman!

SW. Never.

I think its code for the new episode of Lost is on.

Stevie - did you fart?

OK, I feel like a bit of a stalker here, but...

CJ, is Rosie a boat? I found an old DaveBlog entry on just one Google search.

Rosie is a boat. I had a horse named Rosie too. My horse is dead, CJ's Rosie is still alive, but needin' some work.

Cheryl - it's a GOOOOOOOOOOOOD episode.

Woooooo... Simul with Wyo!

(Sorry about your Rosie....)

I missed today's Idol AND LOST. I'll have to catch it tomorrow online.

Siouxie - pay REALLY close attention on Lost this week or you'll miss a lot.

OK - I really am going to bed now.

Nighty night!

I have a horse named So Far, So Good. You'd have to meet ride him for it to make any sense.

I think I'd want a boat with a better name.

Good night, Diva!

IF I had a boat...I'll name it "Machete Mama"...thanks to Texgal ;-)

Very apropopriatelike!

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