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February 25, 2008


We missed them. But we bet they were not as entertaining as this.

WARNING: Bleeped, but still probably not safe for work.

(Thanks to Leetie)


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Got a transcript, Dave. Because I am prudently taking your advice.

my favorite moment is at 4:46 :)

Jimmy Kimmel is brilliant, and KUDOS to Ben Affleck for playing along! I could cry laughing.

HOLY COW, judi - I just got there. That is spectacularly funny!

And judi - don't show this to Siouxie. Her favorite GILF is not hiding his "softer" side....

Best line: "Dedicated to the memory of Norman Mailer."

I'd have been more impressed if Angelina had jumped out of the cake....

F#%$&(%&#(*&%!#)(%!&#$@!ing hilarious.

Based on comments, I take it this is the Jimmy Kimmel spoof where's he's *bleeping* Ben Affleck? You have to see the original that this is a response to (can't click at work to look) where Sarah Silverman (Kimmel's girlfriend) sang that she was *bleeping* Matt Damon.

If those two get married (Kimmel and Silverman I mean. Though I suppose the same could be said for Kimmel and Affleck), I will seriously endeavour to crash their wedding. It is bound to be one heck of a lot of fun.

KOW - Jimmy was f$!@#%**&#ing kind enough to include a clip of the original. So we're f*%%$%#*#*%ing elucidated, TYVFM.

So, nu, What does the clip contain?

KOW- It would be hilarious to see Matt and Ben dressed as bridesmaids.

Always a bridesmaid, never the groom.

so, ummm, i'm not the only one?

They certainly looked like they really, really enjoyed making that video.

CJ! Eees for ju!!! Digame!

Annie, he only showed a couple of minutes of the Sara/Matt one. It gets even better, but not as good as this one. I'll see if I can still find it and send it to you to post here because I don't know how to do that and I need to take a shower.

CJ-I think we all know who has been #@$%#$ Angelina.

What, cg... f%*%G(@&ing Ben Affleck? Honey, say it isn't so!

I just have to share because I'm happier now than I have been in so very long.

A dear, dear friend of mine from college just found me on myspace!! I'm bawling happy tears over here and just ... oh, wow. I'd know her beautiful face anywhere - she looks exactly like she did at 19. Somebody pinch me, cuz this can't be real.


Super; good comedy. The beeps helped the comedy aspect, I think.

Thank you, Dave, for waiting until after business hours here to post that.

Still, now that my family is nearby, I refuse to laugBWAAAAAHAAAAAHAHAHAHOOHOOHOOOHEEEEEHAAAAAA....

I fell over when Harison Ford appeared.

OMG, I am DYING!! Harrison FORD? Robin WILLIAMS? *gasp* *wheeze*

Also, can someone post a link to the entire Matt Damon one?? *drool*

The 'We Are the World' parody was awesome. AND Harrison Ford. And a few others. I'm in f%$@%**#$&ing awe here.

That is just about the funniest thing I've seen in this century!

Guin for you: Matt Damon song

Also ABWH, now that I'm home and seen the full video I realize that what I stated was redundant. Oops. Ah well, better to be f$!@#%**&#ing employed than to have f$!@#%**&#ing tearing through my speakers at work. Though that would have been f$!@#%**&#ing funny (note to self: can I still get unemployment if I'm summarily dismissed for piping f$!@#%**&#ing profanity in the office? Look that up)

Alfred, your comment makes me want to crash the wedding even more. They would be absolutely stunning. Until they do wed, however, I will just have to hope that Sarah one ups him and someone posts it on YouTube.

I love the internet. I have no idea how I wasted time before it.

Hrm.. previous link didn't work. < a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KUowJzpgxs">Tring again.

And just in case: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KUowJzpgxs for copy and pasting fun.

It's not in your post, KOW. Also I sent it to Annie to post. If someone knows how to do it, e-mail me and I'll send it to you.

Hrm.. previous link didn't work. Trying again.

And just in case: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KUowJzpgxs for copy and pasting fun. Excuse me whilst I spam the blog. Buy WoW gold and cheap shoes. Buy cheap drugs, uaranteed ten inches. Etc. etc.

El - no lo tengo.

Wow It's gold.

Thought it was copper.

No,m its a new kind of Gold

So its not really gold


Then why call it that

Because it sounds so much better then copper based lusterous substance.

You could call it Paris

I think she is made of silicone.

Ah yes, but why Wow gold?

Becuase it looks just like Gold!

But isn't.


Then its not really gold


Well, back to my level crunching. Will be kicking Azeroth tail for a while.

You know I $^$%&% a Blood Elf.

I really don't care.

Is this Francesco Sinibaldi in disguise?


*pant* *pant*

*goes back to youtube for more*

KOW - thanks for that f$#*&#$%+@ing tenacious effort to get that f*$@$%+#$*%ing thing to post. If finally f@#$+%#@%ing worked.


I saw this last night and almost fell outta bed laughing my ASS OFF!! I loved the original that Sarah Silverman did...but this tops it! The actors are hysterical and yes...even my GILF is man enough to show his softer and very funny side!!!

extremely private note to Siouxie- um, I don't know how to tell you this but, the 'g' in GILF usually refers to 'grandma.' So, you're freakin' me out a bit. Even more than Wyo does.

Silverman, Silverman,
Gonna kick her some Kimmel can,
Take them on, any size,
Then wink from, Johansson's thighs,
Look Out! Here comes the Silverman!

CJ - you really frighten me some days. Like today, for instance.

um...GRANDPA Annie...grandpa!! NTTAWWT (actually there is a LOT wrong with that!)

Thanks a-f$#*&#$%+@ing-lot AWBH. One of these f$#*&#$%+@ing days, I will learn that the f$#*&#$%+@ing preview button is my f$#*&#$%+@ing friend.

Siouxie - have you ever dated a grandpa? I just dated an almost grandpa a few weeks ago. That was weird. (I may need another beer to continue this conversation.)

oh and judi, I totally agree. THAT totally came out of left field!!

f$#*&#$%+@ing *snork* @ KOW!

I am f$@&#$#%&$ ROFFL!

The Robin Williams move at 5:46 had me dying, completely.

Being a glutton for punishment, a better version of the Damon video: here

And a little background on the 'rivalry' between Damon and Kimmel here

Had to watch it again.

1) Who's the guy playing the piano (sorry, I am a hopeless old geezer)

2) Who's the blond girl singer (the sort of Melissa Etheridge-looking one)?

3) Meanie - Robin Williams w/the water bottle? SNORK!!

Gramps can be fun if he's got the viva viagra.

1) This geezer doesn't have a clue who he is

2) Cameron Diaz

3) Water bottle -- future classic

I couldn't get past the first minute or two and now you folks have me interested in later segments. Butt I'm already streaming stuff while cooking. Do I go back and look?

Life, Internet...
Life, Internet.....

OK, Internet!

If I'm not mistaken the geezer on the piano is Josh Groban. Of course, at my advanced age it wouldn't shock me if I was wrong about that.

I'll take your word for it, Doc, since I don't know who Josh Groban is.

Doc - keep in mind that every time you make an age crack, you peeve those older than you.
Luckily our memory is lousy.


Guin, Josh Groban is Barry Manilow, only younger. Annie, I was simply referring to myself. The beers years have been hard on my memory.

Well, I stuck through it this time, even though the feed is choppy (the West Coast is waking up).

I can't believe everybody missed 4:36. Shame on the Blog!

Meanwhile, I just bet that was originally a Valentine, when Kimmel put it together. And I'll bet he got laid!

I thought Josh Groban was the love child of James Brolin and Barbra Streisand

CJ - by whom?

CJ- I am fairly certain he got Ben, yes.

Oh hesh. Go look at 4:36, and by Sarah.

Annie, to answer your question...no I have not dated a grandpa or grandpa wannabe. Butt, if I did, it would be someone like Harrison Ford ;-) He's another one that I would add to my "hotimous" list.

Yes, that is most certainly Josh Groban. And I'm letting you get away with comparing him to Manilow because it's your birthday, Doc, at least for 3 1/2 more hours....

Siouxie, you'd be a upgrade over his current fling. She must weigh all of 50lbs soaking wet.

Happy Birthday to you, dear Doc Rick
Your humor is clever and quick
Before you say adieu
Here's my wish, just for you
May your beer be cold and your steaks thick.

CJ - are you talking about the moment with Peter Brady, Cameron Diaz or Huey Lewis?

Thank you, Diva. I love Josh Groban, I have all his CDs and laughed myself silly when I saw him on the video! He's genuinely talented and darn pretty to boot.

Rereading your comment, CJ - there is no 4:36 in the link to Sarah's video that we have. Do you have a specific link in mind that's longer?

Amen, bali! David Foster has a knack for finding young male artists and nurturing their talent. He also found Michael Bublé.

Haven't read the comments, but this makes more sense if you've seen Sarah's video "I'm F*cking Matt Damon" first.

Hilarious fun!

Sarah's video KILLED. It was so fun to see Matt join in with such enjoyment. I was disappointed in Jimmy's rebuttal til the "We Are The World" reference, that was so awesome! All in all, two thumbs up! Excellent fun!

Thanks Ducky! While I've got plenty of beer, I missed out on steak tonight. It was ok though, I ate at a really good steak place Friday night and the wife cooker her homemade hamburgers with...wait for it...BACON! WOOHOO! I love bacon. *burp*

Doc, I might have a job nearby over the summer. I applied to work at the Rice Quantum Institute.

Diva, if there is no 4:36, then judi's comment about 4:46 makes no sense.

Excellent Elon. Maybe we can go grab a beer or something if ya get the gig.

I just discovered that I share a birthday with the guy the Molotov cocktail was named after and Mr. Howell from "Gilligan's Island". Now if that ain't a dichotomy?

Happy Birthday Doc

Well then, from now on you are "Burstin' Thurston!"

so if we start seeing stuff from "Thurston Molotov" we'll know you need therapy

Thanks Jughead! I think this says it all.

Snork @ jughead & CJ!

*snork* @ jug. We knew that already. It's Doc's birthday, so I won't say what I was thinkin'.

PS - I missed all the welcomes and such the other night, so welcome, jug!!

CJ - There's no 4:36 on Sarah's video. Jimmy's, OTOH, runs to 6 minutes and something.

That's a great clip. Just don't go marrying any cousins

OK, jug, but if I lived 500 miles east of here, could we date? (Yes) And pass.

Never gonna happen jughead. I've seen my cousins from Arkansas and thats testament enough to staying out of the family tree.

Thanks Diva.

ARGHHHH!!!!! Ron Santo was born today. I can't share a birthday with a Cubs great. Blech!

Anytime, jug. Any friend of Stevie's is more than welcome here. He's a right riot. :)

*all kidding aside...come on baseball writers. The guy deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, regardless if he's a stinking Cubbie.*


Wow, Doc. Now THAT's a birthday gift from you to me! *bows in gratitude*

hey now, not all Cubbies or Cub fans are weird, just most of them.

Diva is the ringleader of the looney tunes jug. You can't cure them, you just hope they don't marry into your family. *ducks yet again*

*duct tapes fingers for next 2 hours, 36 minutes*


Well, I reckon family dinners would never be the same

jug - especially when half the family is *hissss* Cardinals fans!!

The one thing Diva and I agree upon baseball wise. Stupid Cards!

Agreed, Toots. *shakes hands with Rick*

Cardinal fans? Oh that must make it fun. Invite a couple of White Sox fans over and that will liven things up even more

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