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February 25, 2008


It's a couple of years old. But still.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Mr. Obama, the doctor will see you now...

butt still.

I snorked my coffee!!

(cleans laptop and prays it still works)


I've watched it several times and still crack *har* up!

Gotta love the Wayans!

♫ You're (not) gonna miss my glovin' ♪

*applauds the Wayanses; refuses to hold up lighter*

It's hilarious how he looks genuinely uncomfortable and yet fighting back laughter in that scene.

Trapped in the gloves of love,
Be careful where you shove,
Think it ooovvveeerrr,
Am I just a butt to you? . . .

I think they should've used the song, "How Deep is Your Glove."

Awww, colonoscopy with a serenade...how sweet!


And, of course, the 'brass' section will come in in the recovery room.

You Light Up My Life

CJ - my twisted mind removed one of the "in"s from your post. I had a bad visual there....

Don't It Make My Brown Eye Blue

Layzee - I think that would be more likely to happen after a high colonic than a colonoscopy.

Something on the blog just went weird. Two post disappeared and the link for this one says it's not available anymore.

Okay, the link for this colonoscopy thing works when you click on the comments page, but it says something about singapore on the front page and won't go to youtube for me. Anyone else? Bueller?

Lizzy, I've emailed judi about this problem. Someone didn't have their coffee this morning or the Herald internets are clogged with leezards!

lizzy, perhaps the lizards got in it..

You, um, emailed Judi about it? Got a Plan B?

It WAS working earlier, Meanie ;-P

maybe if we all YELL from here!!!???

*tosses Siouxie a stamp*

Glad to know it wasn't just me! I was beginning to think I had forgotten how to use the internet.

Meanie, Dave said it was the lizards. I was right.

It's working fine for me!

good one, Siouxie!

In a study of people at average risk for colorectal cancer, a screening technique known as virtual colonoscopy was just as accurate as traditional colonoscopy at detecting potential signs of colon or rectal cancer, and was less invasive.


is the website for one virtual colonoscopy study

http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/564041 is another
October 10, 2007 — Computed tomographic colonography (CTC), also known as virtual colonoscopy, produced similar rates of detection for advanced neoplasia vs optical colonoscopy (OC), researchers report. The results of this large comparative study, which appears in the October 4 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, suggest that primary CTC along with selective OC should be considered as a preferred screening strategy.

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