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February 25, 2008


Gee, you think?

(Thanks to Trent Whitney)


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Highlands High - how appropriate.

Since I'm first- I haven't read it yet, but yeah, I think so...

Hey, they found a condom wrapper, at least it was safe, right ??

Rats, not first - Hi, Siouxie!

stupid is an understatement...

But she's still a teacher's aide for special education. Guess so....

We need pictures.

She certainly taught those kids a valuable lesson about not becoming a teachers aide and getting a hotel room for young children and then getting put in jail.

For the record, I am not making fun of the name Abbiejane Swogger.

Ms Swogger.....there's something funny here, I just don't what (I'm sure I'll find out soon)
I won't rent room 107 there again. Not by the hour anyway....

Kathy, I'll share ;-) We bumped into each other.

great minds FG....and ours too....

Is she a MILF?

Detention was never like this at my school.

Why, Layzee....whatever would that be??? ;-)

Gives new meaning to being 'gobsmacked and flabberswoggered.'

Acronym assistance please for MILF.

"mayber they were there with someone they shouldn't have been with." Yeah. Her.

TexG....just imagine the worst you can, and that's it......

Well, if she's 34 and has a 15 year-old son, perhaps this isn't the first time she's exhibited poor decision-making. Sheesh.

Tex - Mom I'd Like to F*&@.

MILF = Mom...

Somehow, I don't think I should...
Urban Dictionary has the answer for you, and no, I'm not hot linking.

If you saw American Pie...you'd know ;-P

Does that make Brad Pitt a FILF? Cuz...yeah!

^5 bali!

Thanks, Siouxie, I'll share. And may I just add, my Campbell's Soup at Hand has done nothing to persuade me to leave that bigass Caesar salad til dinner. Man, I hate swimsuit season.

FYLF is fine for Brad. (substituting Y for I, obviously. I'd not LF him.) There are also GILFs out there.

Brad was looking a tad hen-pecked last night. I'm sticking with Clooney. His arm candy last night looked way too young to entertain him very long.

Chris, you can have your GILF, I'll take this one.

Thanks everyone!!!!

*Thinks of the many useful applications (with minor tweaking) of this acronym*

*Generating mental personal list*

Clooney . . .

bali, you're a true pal!

I'll skip Newman. Harrison Ford is MY sexy GILF.

Sean Connery here. :) LOVE him.

Don't get cocky!

So, am I anyone's OILF?

Meanie, am I gonna have to use my paddle on you IF I click on that link?? hmm??

You sure are, bayyyyyyyyyybe!


Good bones!!!!

Meanie...only in the dreams of many older cetaceans

Oosik or lose it, sweetie!

*snork* at AWbH!

klez - if I snorked at every piece of brilliance by AWbh, I'd never have time for anything else. :-)

"It's the biggest mistake I ever made in my whole life."
Well, no. Procreating...even your son would admit that's your biggest mistake...

klez - thank you. :)
jamester - I bet her son is a good, over-achieving kid. Plenty of time spent taking care of a psycho mom can do that to a child.

Diva, that is quite true; Annie's posts usually make me *snork* to myself, quietly... but this one had me *snork*ing out loud, so I figured I'd give AWbh full credit, publicly.

And, just for the record, Annie, I absolutely love all the stuff you've published -- keep up the good work!

I will ask this yet again. Where the f&%k were these teachers when I was in high school?

Hey Klez,
I'm joining you on the AWbh Bandwagon - pretty soon we'll have to start an official fan club. BTW, not able to blog as much, so been blurking. I couldn't even read all of yesterday's threads !
Life sucks when it interferes with my Barry Blog time - I am soooooo addicted to you all !

Robert Skip Swogger is her ex-husband , give him a call. He's on Tyler street Aliquippa PA. Have fun Love Josiah

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