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February 25, 2008


No matter how we explain it, The Blog has never understood the attraction of the Renaissance Festival.


¹ For those who want to download another of the s.b.'s stupid flipvideos cinematographical marvels, here's the same photo as the above, with movement.


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Sooowie -- time to get down and dirty!

They don't look very Renaissancey; more like Quantico Marines.

I'm assuming alcohol was involved.

Yum!!! I'll see the vid from work...gotta go!

judi! (next time you go, let me know!!)

*Watches Dave and Judi joust over video*

Where is Bob the Bear? Those guys stole is beer mug!

ellie - what be ye thinking is in the ever-so-authentic blue, plastic half-yard cups?

This years Georgia Renn Fest is going to have entertainment ranging from The Lipizzaner Stallions to Ded (HEY AUDIENCE!) Bob.

*worries about judi*

you'll just love it Siouxie, especially the great big turkey legs, not to mention the guys in tights and puffy shirts.

Dread, wasn't that mug a recent "antique stemware" offering on eBay?

Hmm I didn't see the video, just got the audio and I distinctly recognize judi's laugh. LOL I'm sure beer was involved in the filming of this video as well.

wicked, I've been to several but that was years ago. I even dressed up (and made my ex dress up too) one time. I just haven't been to this particular one.

"Bring in the oafs! Oh, wait - there they are."

According to this:
the yard originated in the mid 17th century ...and most certainly in use at the coronation of James II in 1685...

So the ell glass is almost, but not quite RennFaire appropriate.

And, yes, you can get your own much more authentic yard on ebay.

Siouxie, what did you make him dress up as and is this the reason he is now your ex?

um...I had this really purty "Juliet" type dress that my Mom made me and she made his costume as well. It was tights, vest, cape and hat. Very Romeo-esque. I even have pics of me in a balcony. HE hated it but I loved it cuz I'm such a ham ;-P

ooooooh Dread!!! Yes, I must have it. It's so practical for when I do formal dining.

*placing $1,000,000.00 bid just so I can "win victorious"*

I think it's a guy thing that they can get that muddy yet their beer glasses are pristine.

Sioux, might have been the tights that did him in.

Siouxie, got any pictures?

Heh...those tights were funny! but he kept covering up with the cape.

Scott, I do have pics somewhere. If I find them I'll scan one and send it your way. The cool thing is - my oldest went to a Ren Fest when she was in HS and wore MY costume!

went to my first and last ren fair about six years ago which makes the little one to be 3ish. he was so impressed with the knight in shiny armor that he was stroking and petting him in inappropriate toddler placed places. thank goodness the knight couldn't feel him.

Maybe a knight time grope?

Cool! I went to some of those things but I never dressed (up).

No, wait. Actually, I did with the SCA once or twice until a friend of mine broke my thumb with his sword. Uh, a wooden one. No, wait... That's not what I mean either!

The appeal of the Renas---those fairs, is the beer.

*SNORK!*@Sir Scott the Knight in Dull Armor.

*bows a muddy bow*

These kinda look more like the folks wandering down Bourbon Street with their hurricanes in their hands.

Dang, I can't get the huzzah video to work! Curses!

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