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February 22, 2008


Do NOT miss the video.

(Also thanks to DavCat)


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I like the way the announcer guy doesn't notice, unless "Funny stride at the 100" is a euphemism.

Was that his maiden race?

Wow! Thats going to leave an awesome grass stain.

He was on the wrong lead. And he forgot his 'jockeys.'

A naked man walked into a bar after a horse race.

"...funny stride" Indeed.


Yes, I did.

Looks like he went bobbing for roadapples at the end there.

well aint that a bucket or turd tugglers

Posted by: Siouxie | 10:33 AM on February 22, 2008

THIS IS NOT ME, folks!

We all knew that Sio. She(?) stupidly used the wrong email address.

But at least she spelled your name right this time.

"O before I, except before U"

Plus you never have typos. And you're funny. And hawt.

Wait, there's an impostor Siouxie running around? This can't be good.

He's lucky he didn't break his leg.

hehe..thanks, guys ...I feel so loved ;-P

I'm telling the s.b. on him/her. sheesh....

I wish the impostor annie would untie the real one. In a few days.

Don't worry Doc. I hear her machete is an impostor too, probably cardboard.

Siouxie, that wasn't you on the racetrack either. You would have won the race! With a hot jockey. ;-)

Maybe if we were all Siouxie for the day, the imposter would get bored and just GO AWAY.

Ya never know Elon. The impostor could have the light saber model.

Gives "coming into the final stretch" a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

YAY!! The s.b. is setting her taser to KILL as we type!

*learn something new every day...
*can't use HTML tags in your name*

Go to the whip, s.b.!

And it's gone gone gone!!

LOL Chris...to walk a mile in my shoes, you'll need strappy sandals.

Hmm, you're right.

*smooch* to judi!

Thank you!

i think guy had a nice trip. wonder if they'll see him next fall.

I find having your name trademarked works well Siouxie.

Sxi, now your 10:44am post makes no sense.

JUST in case ;-P

I think DPChris would look cute in strappy sandals, but it's no way to win a horse race.

To quote (hopefully accurately) Brother Boy from "Sordid Lives", "If I'd'a known I was going to break out today, I would of worn flats."

. . . and Mr. Berry assumed his precolonoscopy position . . .

It's a good thing nobody was drafting off the streaker.

Stevie, it's ok...I hardly ever make sense ;-)

.... or they'd have had to shoot him.

(Geez, do I have to explain everything?)


Oh Meanie, self-abuse is never as much fun as a joint effort.

*takes a post puff*

"the intoxicated punters were already starting to blither"

Precisely how does a punter blither? And does it have anything to do with a colonoscopy?

Just checkin'

He's obviously no mudder

Well, phil, he ain't MY mudder. Or my fadder either, come to think of it.

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