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February 25, 2008


Sometimes it's hard to fit in.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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All my Japanese schoolgirl fantasies just flew out the window.

Guess he just felt like a little girl. And shoot him.

No 39-year old left behind?

Bueller-san? Bueller-san?

Meanie, the panty pincher was 39 too. WTFBBQ was in the Asian water that year?

His braided armpits gave him away. They only do that over there on high holy days.


Fit in to what, Dave....the uniform?

Or maybe his danglies gave him away.

it was the wig, high school girls don't wear wigs. dead giveaway.

or his 'Hannah Montana' backpack.

So, just to be clear, not for any other reason, is it actually illegal for men to wear schoolgirl uniforms in Japan? What about simple possession? Would, say, the customs guys stop you on the way in if, just for the sake of argument, you had one in your carry-on luggage?

nah, Texgal, their danglies don't dangle very far so he probably could have passed inspection even in PE class.

Apparently the Schoolgirl Panty Vend-O-Matic wasn't enough for this guy.

PEE class??

DaChew - if you don't come back from Japan, may I have your wig collection?

In this country a teacher would have seduced him.

LOL, Jazzzz! You're just adorable. :)

CJ, he's too old.

Maybe his shirt gave him away.

AWbh - very appropriate and very true. Butt - have you ever known a man that would wear one of these?

*schnork* @ Annie!

Given the choice between doing laundry and wearing that shirt....yes.

In this country a teacher would have seduced him.

Posted by: CJrun | 01:09 PM on February 25, 2008

. . . or a teacher's aide.

LOL! Annie, a shirt for the guy who has everything, except a brain.

Speaking of segues, Happy Birthday, Doc!

Yes, that was harsh, but come on, he's an ASTROS' fan.

Aw, c'mon guys. Be nice to him on his birthday. I even let him *smack* me last night and didn't give him grief. ;-)

Careful, Annie. He sic his ex on you.

I'm READY for the party.

Ohhhh Rickkkkkkkkkypooooooooooo??? where are you???

Tex - been there, buried that. ;)

Siouxie - you really know how to leave an impression.

Tex, PHOTOS of his ex are bad enough.

I try, Annie. Hard.

Ouchie, Sioux. At first I read your um, riding crop backward (I'm left-handed). I thought it said 'Tulsa.'

Hey, the Doc's got better things to do on his birthday than hang out with this mob. Unlike the Astros, he may actually be scoring.

Larry the Cable Guy: "You know what Tulsa is backwards? A slut. You know what a slut is backwards? An extra $50."

Layzee - I bet he has to pause on that joke to let his audience figure out the spelling.

I'm curious, does the Dockster live in the Houston area?

LOL, Mot. That's why I gave him a pinch to grow an inch last night. ;)

I'm not sure if I want to attend this birthday party. *starts walking slowly backward toward the blog door*

Siouxie....close the door.

And yes I do Tex. Beautiful Angleton, Texas right down the Nolan Ryan Expressway (State Highway 288).

*sound of latches, locks, deadbolts*

Damn, trapped again. Oh well, let the beatings and hot wax commence. *like I ain't used to it by now ;)*

*SPANKS* Rick 40 times and gives him a pillow for his buttage*

Happy Birthday!!!

See, now...that's that kind of attitude that takes all the fun out of a good beating.

Annie - he's not stupid. ;)

Thanks Siouxie, and big hugs and kisses for all of the blog gals and hearty handshakes to the blog guys for all of the birthday well wishes. :)

*pops out of cake*

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!! *smooooooooch!*

(((((((((Rick))))))))) and a big smooch backatcha!

Thanks LeAnne! And might I say you have very beautiful...ummm.....eyes. Yes you have very nice eyes.

Aw, shucks. Thanks! But they're, um, up here. *eyes twinkle*

Looking at the other 'eyes' again?????

Nice down that way, Doc, 'cept during evacuations.

Never Been Kissed 2

UP here, Rick!

One of these days I'm going to learn not to click on one of Siouxie's links. Damn that was almost as scary as a Manilow pic. Notice I say almost.

The eyes have it.

Evening Mot. Thanks for the well wishes from earlier this morning. Sorry I missed ya.

*snork* @ Mot. Riiiiight.


Hey! I got a birthday simul with Doc! Now THAT'S a present to me. :)

Just finished watching the prime time re-broadcast of the Oscars, the best for me (apart from all décolletage on display) was John Stewart's little comments to Dennis Hopper.

I didn't see it, Mot - what was it?

Mot, to me it was...eh.

He said "Even Dennis Hopper's here, I have to say that so Dennis knows where he is"

Heh. Except that still doesn't tell DH where he is, now does it? ;-)


Need to catch up on my beauty sleep or else I may drop out of the hotimouse list.

'Nite all

Never you, Mot. :) :-* Night!

I preferred Ryan Seacrest's comment to Gary Busey when he was trying to get him to leave the red carpet-
"Gary, I'll catch you later at that party. Right?"

Annie, I think I mentioned that last night. That was brilliant! And Busey didn't even realize he was being shuffled out - he nodded and said "Yeah!".

I liked Jon Stewart's comment about the 'baby bumps' noting that there may be more before the end of the evening 'cause "Jack Nicholson's here."

daisy - that statement grosses me out. The only bumps I'd have after that is scary goosebumps.

Hap Birth Doc.

Happy Birthday, Doc Rick. Lemme know when the blogbar opens up, I'll fetch you a beer.

*unlocks the liquor cabinet*

Why not start the party early, bali? :-) How's ya doin'?

Thanks Elon and bali. I'm pretty sure the blog bar is open, but I'll have to take a rain check on the beer for a little bit. I have to run for the moment so I'll check in with all of y'all later tonight. Again, thanks for all of the birthday wishes gang. :)

Siouxie - yes you did mention it last night. A slick move on Seacrest's part. Newfound respect for him from me.

Was it THIS guy?

Happy Birthday Doc! Hope it's a good one for you. :)

Nah, Moon - he looks a little old.

The name is spelled L-E-E-A-N-N TWEEDEN! Atleast spell that right!

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