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February 22, 2008


If this thing actually flies over Miami, it will be shot down in minutes.

(Thanks to quesadarto)


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A good test for the Cuban Missile Defense System.

Dave's right. That giant mosquito-looking thing is dead meat.

I'll need some potatoes.

The real question is if it's machete proof?

Can I send it to the store for beer?

Airworthy? I prefer something that's spongeworthy.

Rick, I'll get back to you on that.

*sharpens machete*

10:10 Eastern and already the first machete threat. Yep, it's going to be a LONG day.

Reminds of the surveilence devices they used on the TV show Dark Angel

Nice video game music.

How long before the Miami-Dade Police get caught peeking in apartment windows with it?

Its inevitable main application will be: racing with other police departments' units.

My brain was immediately earwigged by the Alan Parsons Band's "Eye In The Sky". Great song, but the YouTube is 8 and a half minutes, so I won't do the linky thingy.

Urban Skeet Shooting WBAGNFARB.

"The gasoline-powered gMAV has just received an experimental airworthiness certificate from the US Federal Aviation Administration, clearing the way for the ground-breaking experiment."

I've always considered ground-breaking a sign of failure in an aviation experiment.

Snork @ Howard! Nice.

Wait'll they lose contact with it behind a building or a cell phone interferes with its communication system. And if it starts hovering over my pool, I'm taking my Beretta to it.

And a rimshot for Howard.

if it got shot down in nyc -- and it would --be sold for parts in 10 seconds

Waaaaaay too many details, Annie ! Now guess who is going to be at your house all summer, with towel in one hand, and a box of wine in the other ?????

The "hover and stare" technique is effective in Miami-Dade? Houston drivers would just consider it a primo opportunity to send an up close and personal happy finger salute.

Why are pilots being trained to fly an unmanned vehicle? These problems are too confusing for me.

It'll just use hover and stare at the beach - especially if guys are flying it. And yes, that will get it shot down.

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