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February 20, 2008


You can't spell "class" without... OK, just click.

(Thanks to MissV)


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boo bad

Just the other day I was thinking, "I want to moon an entire restaraunt of rich over achievers!"
Now I can!

First to never wear that.

Farting will sure be easier with that skirt.

Does this skirt make my butt look big??

snork at DR

I'm gonna need a bigger skirt is all I'm sayin'

Just don't be in some huge hurry & put it on backwards. Oh my!

Butt it's PRADA!
Hey, Siouxie, did you order the bay window?

Hey, no VPL!

The things you learn on this blog.....

What is it, Closet Nudism?

If Lilo, Paris, or the other one wear this, they could sure save the paparazzi a heck of a lot of time.

I know the Devil ain't wearing this!

Paging Miss Spears; paging Miss Spears: Your new wardrobe is ready.

(either one - doesn't really matter)

ec, my thoughts exactly. I was just going to comment that this is perfect for Tw@tney -who, btw, has been showing off her vajayjay...again.

That is so last century. Prince was doing it long before 1999!!!

I can't help but notice that the only people against this are the women. All the guys are gracefully bowing out of negative comments, so far.

You know that this has been the fantasy of all guys since high school, right?

*snork @ Alfred!* Dang, everybody beat me to Twitney. I must be slowing down early today. BTW, is the bar open yet?

I just have to think it's gotta be NO fun to sit in that. You'll stick to every unupholstered seat you come across.

Oh, man. That did NOT come out right.

You'd think they'd at least have the dignity to accessorize it properly with a pearl thong.

*throws a beer on Rick*

That's for the smack on the last thread....

LMAO Annie...

THAT would make it classy!

Butt Window, a.k.a. Pane in the Ass

I saw the Ass Clowns warming up for Insane Clown Posse. Helluva show!


Who needs rhetorical questions?

One should never generalize.

What's that crack supposed to mean, Dave?

It's a rather modest Butt Burkha!

*snorks* @ Ford79 & Shark Tooth John. Of course, I always laugh at Fords, butt that's another story.

I think the bar must be open, DR. Oh, but then, as DD has thrown her beer at you, I guess you know that, huh!?!

snork at Ford. and yes, DD, that came out exactly right.

DD, imagine getting into an open ragtop that's been sitting in the Fla. August sun. Third degree burns... butt in a really pretty pattern though.

another *assssssssssnork* @ Ford

Schade, i don't have anything against hanging your butt out for all the world to see, but i thought that guys liked to have something left to the imagination.

EC, caught it like Jerry Rice circa 1988. I never miss when it comes to beer. Besides, Diva throws like a girl.

ww - yes. That's why the front panel is solid.

Careful DR. She'll hit you back. She might not hit like a girl...

That part I have no doubt about EC. *side note: I said she threw like a girl, not a woman. I know all about women throwing things at me. ;) *

and i can't imagine why DR.

Designed by the most stylish French plumbers.

But what if you gamble, and LOSE???? OMG!!!!!!

In a pencil skirt, this vent passage way is a bonus if you don't want to have to take it off.

*le snork*

wee wee oui oui!

Don't Flatulance Woman buy this. She'd truly be a lethal weapon.

Ahhh. A 4:20 simul with Siouxie on Hump Day with a Bare Butt skirt involved.

Today is finally getting better.


LMAO Chris!!

I know all about women throwing things at me. ;) *

Posted by: Doc Rick | 04:16 PM on February 20, 2008

Doc - except themselves, right? ;-) (Ooh, I'm feisty today!)

Chris - that was a brilliant link. Just goes to show that Python just has something for every occasion!

Congrats to MissV for sending in the most provocative link of the day. Anytime you can top killer land-crawling fish in Great Brittan your kicking ass. *every pun intended*

*fans self & takes a puff* ===~

*throws girlie at Doc Rick*
Ooops. Guess I shoulda unpacked her first. Some @ss-embly required.

Check please! Oh, and garcon, when you bring it, please walk backward to the table. Merci beaucoup.

Actually compared to some of the other stuff Pravda models, that is almost normal, emphasis on the word "Almost".

Sadly, I think the inflatable doll would have more personality than my ex-wife Annie. At least she couldn't throw keys in my face at point blank range. *where did y'all think I learned how to duck?*

Pravda has models? Wow. Russia has really leapt into the new century!

There is no "v" in Prada, that is hidden by the part of the skirt that actually has cloth, not lace.

Doc, for a greater sense of realism, put her in the fridge first.

Gives new meaning to the term "butt-ugly," don't you think?

Frigid snorks @ at Annie and Doc for Blow-up Babe.

klez - I kinda like it. In fact, I'm gonna call up my Prada guy right now and see if it comes in a size 18.

Enjoy the lunar eclipse tonight - hope we all have clear skies to view it!

Doc rick, you are hilarious..

Prada have the best recipe for success, the less they make the more they charge.

This is just fashion increasing the pressure to make sure you wipe properly.

If this catches on then toilet paper sales will spike. I suspect a conspiracy at the bottom of this.

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