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February 22, 2008


The suspect was running, out of breath, and was in the process of discarding some of his clothing, said police.

"Those are abnormal signs , especially to a cop," said Staff-Sgt. Glenn Wasson of Central Division.

(Thanks to philintexas)


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Sounds like a typical Friday night around here.

In the blog or your own neighborhood Annie? Um....never mind.

Elementary, my dear Wasson.

He was just gearing up for Spring Break season. Needed the money for a beer bong.

Since you must be at least shirtless to be arrested on Cops it's only logical that any media-savvy fleeing suspect would start ripping off enough of his clothing to qualify.


I meant my Friday nights, but I guess it applies to the blog, too.

One more time.

Mebbe this'll work.

Sorry for the brief italical interruption. Everything's fine now. Still, I advise everyone in South Florida to flee (like that's ever not a good idea).

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