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February 22, 2008


(Thanks to Scott MGS)


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It's said that everyone needs a hobby but I don't think that this is quite what is meant...

Are they used?

Ok, that scares me.

OK, who knew Cheetos™ made ketchup?

Given the, uh, topic of the last few posts (Dave's medical excursion), I expected a, shall we say, different type of jelly.

Is it just me?

And we wonder why our kitchen junk drawers get cluttered?

KY SNORK @ klez!

*snork* @ klez!

Tex - I thought you were from Texas, not Kentucky.

Ok..how many of those do ya'll currently have inside your kitchen drawers??? hmmm???

*proudly boasts* NONE!

*whispers* They're in the refrigerator.

OK, Siouxie, I 'fess up - but we keep ours in a plain brown paper bag in the pantry, marked "condiments".

I actually clean up that drawer regularly. I don't like storing them for months at a time. I only have a couple of BK BBQ packets in there now. My ex MIL (who has a serious hoarding issue) had packets that were years old.


Now I need a blog sandwich to go with that. And butter.

Siouxie - She sounds like my Mom. We found some that were hard as rocks, once ! My sisters and I laughed our @sses off, as she has a huge issue with hoarding. When we want to make our point about it, we start chanting, "pack rat syndrome", sorta like Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" - she HATES that !!

LMAO Tel...that's too funny. I've always told my ex that his side of the family has that "pack rat syndrome"

My girls inherited that from him and I am constantly making them clean out and throw shit OUT!

Throws up an "as well" that was supposed to go after "hoarding".

The funniest thing is, she has all those exact condiments at home. So when she brings her take-out home, she uses her good stuff, but can't bear to throw away "food". I always tell her to tell the restaurant NOT to give her the packets, but she says they're "free" !!! Such a Depression child, my Mom ! I love her so !
Don't let me get started on the .99 cent store !!!!

Jelly -- not the state.

Actually, I no longer have them in my junk drawer because I gave up fast food and most take out.

Rodan, my physician's assistant, threatened me with extensive mutilation if I didn't change my unhealthy ways. She's one scary mama when she needs to be. Plus I hate paying for F&*%ing Lipitor.

someone needs a new hobby.....

I like this! Not in MY kitchen drawers, of course. But, I could sure use a packet of that Garlic Tabasco right about now...

I love those fast food ketchup packets! One packet is just enough to eat with one serving of scrambled eggs. And the jelly is just enough for one small two inch square piece of toast, with butter.

Why we need the Interweb, reason #5023.

#559 and #756 are duplicates.

Click on them to see proof.

mmmm, they have brrrrrown sauce! why can't we get that in 'murrica?

I can't decide what is more pathetic - a person collecting and painstakingly documenting condiment varieties - or those of us reading about such a collection on a Friday night...

It's a throw up, make that a toss up.

i am proud to say that i have none of those in my house, car or on my person.

Dave, please don't forget to refrigerate the ketchup packet, once opened.

judi?? murrica? "splain" plez!!

Murrica, Yewnighted States of.

Where they speak Murkin.

ahh..so that makes me a Cubanamurrican?

...but do they have any that are Heinz on one side and Hunts on the other?

I always think it's a good idea to save left over fast food packets and shove them in my purse.
at least one(and sometimes more) wind up squished and exploded all over the bottom of way more important things in the bottom of my bag.
I guess it's as good an excuse as any to buy a new handbag but time has taught me (not that I pay any attention to lessons learned...)that saving these things really isn't all that bright a thing to do....

*does the happy, got-posted dance*

wow. either this person needs a life -- or perhaps alcohol has been involved.

My mother hoards canned goods... she "donated" some to me last year. I got them home and realized she had written the dates on them... She'd given me green beans from 1984!!!!! I take stuff she gives me and immediately drive to the Dumpster... It'll save time cleaning out the house after she's gone.

Wench, no butter, but I think I remember seeing a packet of margarine. Close enough?

That would make a fantastic jigsaw puzzle!

Susan, I can't believe it's not butter! Uh!

I've got more than that in my desk drawer at work. I'm sure of it!

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