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February 22, 2008




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First to flee the fleas of pythons! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!

Andy, you scream like a little girl!


Annie, El?? I'm coming to the Dark Side West Coast!!

They're everywhere! Run! Run! Hide! Yes, I'm talking to the snake.

Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

Maybe Godzilla the iguana was eaten by Pythie the Python who first said: "Hey Godz, want to be my main squeeze?"

Note to self: Chug coffee now!

Send 'em on up. Rednecks will hunt anything, cause it's cheaper than paying the shipping.

Time for Georgia to close the border.

hopes they eat those cuban tree frogs and neighbor dogs that get into the trash.

Yum, yum -- Redneck Python and Possum Stew. Don't forget the southern trilogy of onions, peppers, and celery. Emeril will be jealous!

The publication "Biological Invasions"? Didn't we cover this, er, in depth, yesterday?

Come on out, Siouxie. Although we have our own snakes out here.

Nah Meanie, that wuz tube snakes. Good luck on your own tube snake special.

I'm surprised no one suggested giving the pythons some villainous theme music

I don't see why giant snakes reaching New York would be a problem. They already have Donald Trump...

Danm, not even Canada's safe if Snow won't stop them.

Sio is coming to the West Coast?! By god girls! Time to restock the wet bar and get the guest rooms ready!

Girlplease. AS if some puny lil' python is gonna keep me outta Publix!

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