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February 25, 2008


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Um...FIRST on a completely blank thread!


Huh? Where am I? In the Twilight Zone?

Hello? There's nothing to post about.... What happened?

Dang... And now I'm confronted with the story of "an honourable and kind person who had no intention of causing annoyance to the underwear owners." Yeah, sure...

It is fixed now...the guy was pinching undies.

A Singaporean professor walks into a bra.....

Apparelly, he was also pinching this thread, Fg. But judi got it back. :)

All feexed up! and a *snork* @ Annie, who never misses a chance for those bra/bar jokes.

Well, it is Singapore but I get the feeling that caning would be more encouragement than deterrant with this guy.

Siouxie, just curious, what exactly were you looking for when you found this? Did you Google "Singapore Panty Thief" or something?

DaChew, I just happen to come across these beauts out of pure luck.

Huh, Interesting. Judging by the volume here, you seem to get lucky quite a lot.

Male asians love female underwear...weird

The dude should just go to Japan where he can get them from a vending machine.

Not as much as I'd like, DaChew (iykwim aityd) ;-)

Hmmmmmmmmm, a lot of strange things seem to be happening to 39 year-old men lately.

Isn't it someone's birthday?????

HAPPY 39th, Doc Rick! Try to stay out of the papers.

Tex - excellent point. Too bad Doc is too busy out stealing panties buying a wig to read this.

And if he's smart like Jack Benny he'll *stay* 39...

Annie, he's hiding. He knows I've got my paddle waiting for his butt.

Come folks he's a perfesser, he wuz doing serious research. He was collecting data for his upcoming article "Consumption Patterns of Post-Adolescent Females: The Case of Peek-A-Boo Bras and Thong Panties."

. . . and probably funded by a government grant.

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