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February 25, 2008


...no, wait, she already has one.

(Thanks to Don Faber)


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At least you know she's been doing her job well! Look at all the Floriduh Drivers we've seen on this Blog!

Her BAC was 0.336? Four times the legal limit and a sip away from comatose. I think she would fit in well at the blog bar (it's after 5pm somewhere).

Too much Kahlua in her Cioffi.

With that list of charges, she gets out on $2000 bond? What are the judges smoking? I smell a rat in the wainscoting.

If she can blow a .336 and still drive, I can get her a Wisconsin license too.

She was just trying to show the class what would happen if you drank a pint of Everclear and then drove.

Sheesh. We finally get an educator with the courage of her convictions* and the whole state is in an uproar.

*Now she has a conviction because of her "courage".

/I knew one of you would post that, so I beat you to the punch.

Key quote:

"I feel bad for Peggy because this is very out of character for her," said State Attorney Bruce Colton, the president of CORE's board of directors. "It's bad for her and it's bad for the public perception of the program..."

Geez, ya think?

(Oh, and *snork* at SW!)

No wonder she had trouble driving. Her eyes were closed.

True story: I once had to retake a DL picture because, as the photographer pointed out, you can't drive with your eyes closed.

*flashback of DUI arrest*


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