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January 24, 2008


He's turning pro.

(Thanks to AmerinParis)


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does anyone else look at this kid and think "Spicoli"?

Professional what???


I vote for "arrogant brat."

Who was the kid who got famous & testified during OJ's trial? That's who I'm thinking.

Does he do Christmas lighting? I desperately need a holiday stylist.

I don't know what's in Dave's coffee, but I could use it.

*waits patiently for Dave's next post*

daisy, you mean Kato??

wow, he's really slowing down suddenly, huh?

Whoa! Two articles! I'm hot today!

YAY for Amer!

In honor of your accomplishments, I will not make a "France surrenders" joke. Today. ;-)

Thanks Siouxie! Today must truly be my lucky day. ;-))

Keep the dream alive dude.

This just in: "France Surrenders!"

yeah, Siouxie, Kato. Another idiot cashing in on his 15 minutes of fame. NTTATWRT

snork @ hammie

LMAO Hammie!!!

ok ok..I did say *I* wouldn't.

This just in: "Alsace Lorraine is very frightened!"

Yep, the kid deserves to be punched. Repeatedly.

However, it's probably a good thing that he's not going to work construction anymore. I mean, really -- would you want that guy building YOUR house?

Me neither.


What Siouxie said, up there.

Yup, Kato Kaelin.

My favorite part of that article is that there is a "Career" section.

Does anyone have that URL for the slap-the-kid-down-the-street website?

I bet it's hosted by his parents.

Who, I believe, may be of French descent...

Does anyone else look at this kid and think "Bill Graham Presents"? Or remember the million-man party called Woodstock? Party promotion made a whole generation what it is: lay-about liberal deadbeats. But that doesn't mean it's not FUN.

I found it!! hahahaha


Gnarly, Dude! Hey, Okie - like, thanks for remembering me, Man!

Slap Corey

This young person votes "Arrogant Brat."

I bet it's hosted by his parents.

Nope. They'd be charging money for it to help recoup their losses. On second thought, they'd get MUCH more money if they did it for real instead of virutally.

*runs off to send them the suggestion*

Ok, thrashing his parent's house was bad.
But a 16 year old kid throwing a party so big it gets on the news... in several countries?
Holy crap.
Must've been a heck of a party.
Bummed I missed it.
I might see if he comes to Florida.
I could use a party so slam-bangin' that it gets on the news.

"On the other hand...
You have different fingers." Stephen Wright

418 Metres! On Slap Corey, if you reboound your cursor off the right side and sling back left you can break 400 fairly often. Why is this so much fun?

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