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January 24, 2008


First we had this; now, this. It is only a matter of time before we get to this.

(Thanks to Jeff Matthews)


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The country that gave the world the Ghesia.

My boomarang won't come back. (They've already tested the frisbee over Texass)

My boomarang won't come back. (They've already tested the frisbee over Texass)

Potential Japanese astronaut

But the blog never leaves.

Yeah, that song immediately popped into my brain. BBC news recently had an article about a boomerang stolen years ago from a museum that recently DID come back. It had been stolen by someone in his wayward younger days and he had an attack of conscience.

That should have read bot but it held a knife at my throat.

I love the neat Frisbee colors.

Maybe they should send a dog into space and see what happens when the astronaut tosses the Frisbee.

Of course the dog would need a special K-9 space suit, or else they could play inside the ship. Could be an interesting "Houston (or Moscow or whatever), we have a problem".

Maybe they should catapult a cow?

Sounds like they are simultaneously testing how beer bongs work in space as well. Saki it to me!

They should focus their talents on building something constructive like...I don't know...a space craft that will make it to Venus - in case a significant population would like to migrate.

I'm flabbergasted. Maybe they should test canaries in space, as an early warning for oxygen deprivation. Oops, too late. Drain bamage has already set in.

I'm all for good whacky fun, but this is going to be one short experiment. My advice: Aim well.

Being a guy, I think all this is phenomenal. I want to know where I can send money directly to NASA to keep them doing this stuff.

All guys out there think about it...
from a high bridge or tall building there are only two things to do (besides jump), throw something and spit.

Wait, I may have something there...

Ubetcha - I think it's the French that like to do the cow catapulting.

I am in the wrong profession. If I threw a boomerang around here, it's very likely I'd get fired.

Schade, you're right. At least according to Monty Python.

Dog catches frisbee in space: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJlSKquu59E

Also astronauts (astronauts catching frisbees, not dogs catching astronauts): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UXUxbkD7pY (Frisbee appears 2:03 into video)

LA Dave's links:

Dog catches frisbee in space

Astronauts catch frisbees

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