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January 24, 2008


Turns out it's not a nudist colony.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Good to know, Mayor.

Considering that it is 17 degrees there I hope the guy's car heater is working, otherwise we're talking shrinkage, IYKWIM.

He liked to drive around in the nude and look at the women
And who doesn't?

State law defines public indecency as an adult performing a sexual act, sexual conduct and lewd exposure publically.

and pubically too.

just more creeping facism

Evidently, West Frankfort has a lot of pretty woman.

I've been to West Frankfort. Evidently, they have a unique definition of "pretty".

Hey remember when Paula Jones revealed which way Clinton hung? Story reminds of something funny, but I can't think what?

Ich bin ein Frankforter.

The guy must have one heck of a heater in his car!

Were his hands on the wheel?

Coconuts, that reminds me of this Cuba GoOding parody.


It amazes me how genuinely surprised he was that people were offended. "No, no! Look again and you will see it is completely unoffensive!"

Just one, Coconuts.

this link gives me an error page. what is it about?

this link gives me an error page. what is it about?

Erred for me, too.

*Feels left out*

He should have stayed home to watch internet porn.

It's not working now. It was an article about some perv that liked to drive around naked. No biggie. ;-)

Here's a different link that still seems to work.

"Women spot 'unencumbered' motorist."

*surreptitiously changes Jeff's "unen" for a "cu"*

*snickers quietly to self*

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