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January 28, 2008


It could be an exciting Super Bowl.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I think I need to wander off and think of pleasant things for a little while...

Yummm! The breakfast of champions!

Rocky mountain oysters. Bleah!

good thing the rams aren't playing.

Key line: There was beer.

'nuff said.

I just TUALIMM....

and *snork* at cg!

America, where men are men and the lambs run for the hills.

*at this moment, wishes she was that baby goat*


It's fine for you Punkin, you ain't got nuts that need bitin'.

*fondly remembers visit to Arab meat market in Jerusalem*

Ir wasn't exactly a religious experience but I did say "OH GOD!" a lot.

so I am sitting here in court on my first day of jury duty and snorked hard enough to make the guy next to me (whose excuse for getting out of it must not have been any better than mine- I.e., I have to work) and I can entertain new hope that the prosecuter may request the defendant to undergo "detesticulation". That would be AWESOME!

Take that mean look off your face DDD:-)

ddd! are you the head juror?? heh!

I'm not sure which is worse - the plight of the poor sheep, or the method of (as DDD says)
'detesticulation.' (and 'blood in the mustache'???)

I'm not sure which is worse - the plight of the poor sheep, or the method of (as DDD says)
'detesticulation.' (and 'blood in the mustache'???)

Mot- that isn't mean - it's anticipation!

Siouxie- yes, and nobody does it better.


*Has vision of the Patriots is the Superbowl, all lined up at the line of scrimmage, going "Baa! Baa! Baa!"*

*Waves @ Siouxie!*

*will ignore Jeffy stealing MY key line*

There was beer


*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

Lamb chops, anyone??

On the screen that tells the juror group number, there is a J. Bauer listed. I don't see any perimeters, so it must not be the same guy. Of course, perimeters can't usually be seen anyway.

/end OT



Just remember, DDD, if asked a question by Counsel or the Judge, speak calmly and clearly, give a stiff-armed salute, and answer, "Jawohl, Mein Fuhrer!"

DDD - Call me on your break. I am in "Okrahoma" which is similar to jury duty, and I have questions about the Grandmothers, who are not doing well.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Sashimi? I've had RMO's, after they were deep friend, which makes tire rubber edible, and MY GAWD! RMO could be a rational punishment for your criminal, DDD.

*cuddles a frightened little sock puppet*

Now, that's just SICK!!!

Dave, I just want to express my appreciation to you for your assistance in my nutritional program. When I next step on the scale, I will credit every lost pound to you!


*will call you later to find out about grandmas*

ddd - is this in Gwinnett County?

((((Med))) Hang in there.
btw - civilized rednecks don't geld like this anymore, because of the risk of infection to the animal. Just sayin' - the only reason the Basque used alcohol was to sterilize the wound. That's my story, and Siouxie taught me everything I know.

*snorks* at civilized rednecks. who knew they could be civilized? i thought housebreaking was about the best i could hope for.

LOL Annie, I have a machete. No need to bite.

I predict there will be a hafltime ad for The Official Super Bowl XLII Mint Jelly, featuring one crazy-@ssed lineman.

I've said this before and I'll say it again - goat people got nuthin' on cattlemen.

Now if the bot had any sense of humor, that should have double-posted, Annie.

*predicts the patriots will switch to metal athletic supporters*

Meanie - it did double-post - I just bit one of them off.

I cannot wait until PETA gets ahold of this. I cannot imagine what they will come up with. To date, their request to feed the cannibal a vegetarian diet is at the top of my list. I truly do hope they will top themselves.

Huh. That explains why the bot is so testy.

hmm he should be less testy now.

*changes out the "y" for an "e" in Meanie's post*

You know, you can just twist those things off and not have to go through all that trouble. What?! My dad grew up on a farm, that's what!

Twister™ anyone???

blech to all of you!

And many blechings upon you as well, Eleanor.

After some beer he's having a ball. Aside: Why do mice have such small balls? Because very few know how to dance.

I thought the farmer's wife was responsible for that, JEC.

(Come to think of it, coulda been Grey Ruegamer)

*SNOOOOORK* @ JEC!!!! That's brilliant!

That's a kid he's holding!

That's a kid he's holding!

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