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January 25, 2008


Na-Hoon-a proves his point.

(Thanks to Steve Haller, who states, "For God's sake, don;t give Barry Manilow any ideas!")


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Didn't Jim Morrision do that is like 1968?

any links to his songs?
i would love to hear a 'na-hoon-a cantata'!

Shoddy journalism - they fail to mention his Hello Kitty boxer shorts.

This should do wonders for North-South Korean relations...

And I thought karaoke was bad.

'na-hoon-a cantata', what a wonderful phrase!
na-hoon-a cantata, ain't no dancin' craze!
It means "See my manhood"
"See how long it laaaaaaaaaaaaaaays!"
It's my winkie, see,
It's how I pee!
na-hoon-a cantata!!

Holy crap, insom - get outta my head. It's not fit for company!

And a whoppin' followup *snorkovation* to Ms. Punkin!

Can we all agree not to start any rumors about what Japanese gangsters might have done to Keith Richards?

surprised reporters heard shrieking in the background.


I've just received an email from our office manager with the subject: 'The Smell In The Elevator'. Should I open it or not?
*note to self: take the stairs!*

*snork* @ Punkin!

fivver, or you can jump out the window. Lots of fresh air.

I wasn't impressed.

fivver - I gotta know what that email says. OPEN IT!

I guess he's still known as The Big Na Hoon-a, then.

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