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January 25, 2008


It's glamorous.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I wonder what Canadian Brown Finch poop tastes like.

*snork & ewwwww*!!!

He HAD to look up huh???

Oh! Egg poop drop soup!

Gets p00ped on so he looks up with his mouth open?

Rocket surgeon.

isn't that supposed to be good luck?

and what's wrong with me that i'm lmao over the incident?!

ya know they wuz aiming. I can see them birds now giving eachother feathered high fives.

WOW - usually it's coming out of their mouths, not going in!

hmm Reptile urine and finch dung 'tis shaping up to be a rather classy day on the old blog.

I think Healthy Choice would be a downgrade.

Gets p00ped on so he looks up with his mouth open?

Rocket surgeon.

Posted by: fivver | 11:35 AM on January 25, 2008

Yeah, I think he should have seen that one coming, too.

Mot, I think it tastes just like chicken puree.

What fivver said at 11:29 -

What was he thinking, looking up and opening his mouth? or even just looking up? maybe no thought was involved!

Didn't watch the video (the headline alone put it way too high on the eewwwwww scale for me) but all of a sudden, I can hear Tom Lehrer singing

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

and let's not forget the best line:

"...and maybe we'll do in a squirrel or two..."

*SNORK* @ circuit7 !!

I'm gonna have to call shenanigans on this one. Looks staged.

IJTUIMMALot. *URK* fivver - that was my first thought.

Tastes like chicken poop ?

It's not fake. If you use full screen and look carefully you can see the bird poop on his upper lip after he gets spattered.

By the way, whenever I am on YouTube I try real hard not to read any of the comments. I swear the dumbest people on Earth comment there.

... whereas this blog's bloglits are intelligent, full of humo(u)r, and classy.

I've always wondered why TV news reporters were so full of crap. Now I know.

Sorta gives a new perspective to the old phrase, "He wouldn't say SH!T if he had a mouthful ..." ... eh?

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