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January 22, 2008


From funniegrrl: "During the credits of Antiques Roadshow tonight, they showed a couple of teenagers (brother and sister I think) who had an oosik which had carving on it.  They described an oosik as a "petrified whale bone."  hmmm.  They also said it had been appraised at $1200."

Makes a person wonder what Walter is worth. Not that Walter is for sale. Walter is way too cool to sell.



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Well, FIRST of all, Walter is no whalebone.

Walter is a little too white. It's time for a tattoo. Maybe a pretty unicorn.

"petrified whale bone"? Sounds like they forgot the "r" at the end.

Petrified??? I ain't ascared of nuthin'!!!

Who's the walrus d!ck
That's a sex machine to all the chicks?
You're d@mn right!

pick Walter's soundtrack here

give a dog a bone....

Ouch, chaz!

pogo, the teens used the word oosik, then explained that it was a "petrified whale bone." That's what made me laugh. Also, I think the value probably had something to do with the carving -- it was probably Inuit art or scrimshaw, which can be valuable. Still ...

It's amazing how informative this blog is. I would have never known about oosiks or walrus penis bones.

Walter looks very Tropical.

Maybe we could find a SO for Walter here.

Oosik poetry, from the previous linky:

Ode to an Oosik


Judging from the chipping and peeling paint, Walter lives in a rough part of Coral Gables.

Dave, you are in need of immediate mold and mildew control. Please give me a call.

Walter definitely needs to work on his wardrobe. A nice slack and blue shirt would be good.

Walter lives with Dave? Geez. And here I thought he was judi's SO. Was I wrong?

I have one for sale. The real deal... Let's get a bid going for it.... Who ever wants it, let me know.

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