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January 29, 2008


(Thanks to Keli Minick)


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"The principal of the school where he taught was shown on TV saying he was a dedicated teacher."

I think perhaps the word is "committed," or at least it should be....

Uh oh...I think somebody's fired.

No job? He's going to lose his pants.

Not only does he sound like a dedicated teacher, he also sounds like a dedicated felon.

DD - or "cerifiable."

DD - or "certifiable."

Undie-theft is common in the land of the rising son. Using a knife only reserved him a room with a bar.(or eight on the window)

Doesn't anyone in Japan commit hari kari(sp?) anymore??

How about I just chopee weeni?

Hari Krishna?

I've heard of a Dress code before hand but that's taking things a bit too far!

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