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January 28, 2008


Key Quote: "Sometimes my best ideas have come to me while I'm in the bathroom."

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Mom would be so proud.

Riiiight. I can just imagine Archimedes jumping up from the toilet crying "Eureka!" ...

Then I must be a genius.....

I think the plaque should have read:

"Welcome to the Brad Feld Memorial Crapper."

Don't be silly. Guys don't multitask.

For $100,000 they'll name a lift station after him.

"The best ideas often come at inconvenient times. Don't ever close your mind to them."

...just let them flow...sorta like diarrheah...

It's a quiet moment.
I'll flush to that - bah-WHOOSH!

Hey - it's where Luther did most of his writing and other business. Er....

And *gaspchokesnorksnorksnork* @ "Endowed Chair!" OMG - Dave that is HYSTERICAL!

"It's a good time to reflect. It's a quiet moment."

Not at the mudstuffin household.

Say, you don't suppose ... nah....

Yes, Meanie. It was originally titled, "The Stinker."

Is it my immagination or does Brad look a bit like a Muppet?

i have gone on record as saying i want one of the bathroom stalls in the building where i work named after me...with a scriptural quote "Do this in remembrance of me."

That room, and the time spent therein, has saved my job on more than a few occasions...

...this, too, shall pass...

insom - "This doo, in remembrance of me."

What's the big deal? I have my name on bathroom stalls all over TX.

Windows by Gates?

snork @ ellie

Endowed Chair = toilet seat

Not sure that's what the college admin had in mind.

A lot of times I have a great idea while on the crapper, but later I realize damn, that was just $h!t.

Annie, you are officially excommunicated.

Not to mention evacuated.

I'd rather have a sewage treatment plant named after me. ;)

ellie, does it say, for a good time, call........? I've been told I have a few of those here in su.so.ca. :)

Annie: "Don't be silly. Guys don't multitask."

Not true. We can multitask anything, as long as one of the tasks is reading the sports section.

Well, it looks like Mr. Feld tried to get some help, but found his own somewhat lackluster saying most inspiring in the, um, end , and rejected a lot of, ahem, input. (There's even a single post way down in his thread combining my and Annie's thoughts above).

I’m shooting for something that combines entrepreneurship, bathrooms, and the various things people do in bathrooms and is witty while not being obscene or grotesque.

So I'm guessing that "Here I sit broken-hearted, tried to sh!t but only farted" won't make the cut??

i like the idea of an endowed chair. makes sense.

padraig, you poor misguided Dubliner.... I'd buy you a Guinness, but I'm too busy multitasking elsewhere.

Brad Feld could have been a little more creative with his quote.

"We aim to please...you aim too, please" would have been my choice...

Afkat - good one! And I'm not gonna ask where you came up with that idea.

"Venture capitalist Brad Feld donates gets plaque in ATLAS building"

Aaand another paper looks for a new proofreader.

pssst, Richard - in this case, 'gets' is short for 'gastro-enteritis throne stool.'

Annie, Akfat's quote is probably older than Dave (nothing personal, Dave!). I've heard it from guys for years and years, or from women who have to clean men's rooms.

Sheesh. Those Canucks can't come up with anything original.

*waits for MKJ to find an "endowed chair" on e-B@y*

AWbh - Yes, well, it should be capitalized in that case, no? They don't get off the hook that easily.

"Sheesh. Those Canucks can't come up with anything original."

Well geeez, Annie, I never said it was original...just my choice.

But in my defence, having just shovelled 6 inches (screw metric) of white, not-so-fluffy "global warming" off my driveway, here in the supposedly temperate 'burbs' of Vancouver (advertised as having the same climate as San Francisco), I should be forgiven for any lapses in disclosure...

(By the way, Al Gore can kiss my A$$).

Yesterday was the eighth significant snowfall here this year, in a place that has NO snowplows...and more coming tonight and tomorrow.


I moved here to get away from the snow...spent three times the money for half the house. And what do I get? Snow....

Afkat, as they say, "Be careful what you wish for."

I realize that makes no sense. It's my way of preparing for the SOTU.

*snork* @ slyeyes! Nuuuucular....

easy, Richard, or you get GETS.

OK Sly...not being a 'merican, it took me a few minutes to figure out "SOTU"...but I'm guessing it relates to what George W. is delivering tonight...

Yes, it's the "State of the Union" address.


Now you've made me type out the whole thing. I need to go lie down and rest.

I must admit, when I saw the headline about an "endowed chair", I thought it was about a piece of furniture to go with the vagina couch from the other day.

Imagine my embarrassment.

Narrowmindedly, MIT rejected Feld's offer. But the University of Colorado gladly accepted it. Clearly, when it comes to men's rooms the latter school takes a wider stance.

Speaking of which: Does anyone know if the Minneapolis airport sells naming rights?

*whopping big snork for padraig!!!!!*

Also, I made this suggestion to our library dean for the next time our acquisitions budget is low. I mean - we have FIVE FLOORS of restrooms!

so is it a well endowed chair? I' sure the girls would want to know. Comes with a years supply of butt glue.

"Sometimes my best ideas have come to me while I'm in the bathroom."

So taking a crap stimulates the brain?

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