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January 25, 2008


Chess game nearly turns tragic

(Thanks to jon harris)


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FIRST to say you gotta watch out for those wild chess players.


"... both men had been drinking."


Is it sick that I think it's hysterical that Mr. Lycov doesn't recall wanting to kill himself ?
Blackout much ???



No, wait...


Speaking of blackouts, I don't even remember sending this!
Must have been some good stuff.

*SNORK*@ circuit7!

My hometown! This is what happens when football season is over - they get into dangerous chess matches.

Thank god they weren't playing Twister. Who knows what would have happened then.

Chess?? Maybe they were playing Russian roulette.

Shoddy reporting. They don't even tell you if he was in check when he pulled the gun.

This HAD to be some kind of tribute to Bobby Fischer.

I never really thought of chess as a big drinking game, but obviously I was wrong....

And speaking of shoddy reporting, it didn't say WHAT they were drinking? My guess is tequila.... It always makes me crazy too.

A new sport -- Russian Chess Roulette -- is born.

Too bad they were armed, otherwise they would ChessBox (a real sport)

Hmph. Short article. I feel rooked.

If someone pulled a gun on me I'd passant my pants

"Hmph. Short article. I feel rooked."

Feel like a pawn?

When he comes up for trial will he use the Alekhine Defense?

*revises long-held opinion that one has to be somewhat intelligent to play chess*


Off with their heads!!!

I don't know how to make a linky but perhaps this is the chess set they were using?


hmm...yes, ellie???

Also, I've played chess with drinking sets like that. It puts a whole new spin on the game (and damn near everything else).

Sioux was just fixing the italics. I pawndered doing that myself.

What Annie said...in case you were wondering, ellie. I'm mostly blurking these days. Damn that work thing interfering with my blogging. I'll keep checking, mates ;-P

This is the current headline on CNN: "Bush pushes Congress to pass stimulus plan".

Is there something vaguely obscene sounding about it or is it just me?

Cowhand's link

Chess party at my place tonight! My parents are out of town LOL!

Bring your sunglasses.

Yeah, I just heard Norm MacDonald comment on it:

"Did you hear that the President is pushing a stimulus package? He wants every American to take the Giants and the points."


Hey circuit - didja get Corey to set it up for ya?

Both men had been drinking.

They live in Pittsburgh.

Wait, that's an oxymoron. . . Or it's redundant.


This sorta thing almost happened to me back in college. Except instead of drunken chess it was Jenga. One of the many perils of letting in strangers to your party just because they have booze to share.

"I think I'll have a shot before my next move."

A knight to remember. Or not...

Oh, Meanie. That was AWFUL..... LOL!

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