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January 24, 2008


It is no laughing matter.


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Ewwww! Definitely need of a humor transplant.

There are no humor-impaired people here! Not allowed! Move away from the blog if you have this disease!

Yeah, Pol Pot never shot pheasants when he was lawyer hunting.

Reminds me of an episode of Family Guy where someone said that is not funny at all and just offensive.

Another charecter says to him "Well I guess you are just going to have to get a life then."


15-yd penalty for unnecessary humor block!

He must have been influenced by Kramer.

Look at his face.

Look at (if you must) Ms. Coulter's face underneath.

Is it any wonder they don't get the humor?

The guy looks like he's been constipated for 7 years.

A mind is a terrible thing. To wit.

I hope you people are ashamed of yourselves. Vice President Chenney is a great man who has done nothing but protect this country terroris. He deserves much better than this and yet you compare him to one of history's greatest monsters.

Well I hope you love living under muslim rule when you elect that extremist Obama or Communist Clinton. I for one will miss both Bush and Chenney the great men who have ever held the office of President and Vice President.



You'd think someone who revered Cheney so much would know how to spell his name.

Now why would we want to protect terroris(t)s?

Actually, Mike, I think Disgusted's piece is leftist satire written by somebody almost as humor-impaired as that Washington Post guy...

...and if bumper scratches are enough to generate comparisons to the killing fields of Cambodia, then my six-year-old Dodge Intrepid can be considered to be a veritable Holocaust of parking-lot dings...


Oh. Sorry about that. That's what comes of reading the WaPo and taking it seriously.

Hey Disgusted,

Just wanted to make sure you had your facts right.

When someone totally lacks a sense of humor, I've been known to hand them a pair of pliers. When they ask what they are for, I tell them they're for pulling the cork out of their a$$. ADVISORY- Doing this to a wife has been known to lead to divorce.

Everyone knows that when you smoke pot, everything is funnier than it actually is.

I found that funny! Haha!

Don't let the b@stards get you down, Dick.

I'm sorry, but no one should publish anything lampooning humour unless they are able to prove that they understand the meaning of the word 'hyperbole'

dont get me started on these humorless conservative dipsticks. what liberal media??? fox noise channel, riiiiight.

Speaking of humor, when April 1 rolls around I think I'll subscribe all my friends to Ann Coulter's weekly email piece. Or is that too cruel?

Humorless?? queensbee, aren't you the one who didn't get the Titanic conspiracy theory joke a while back?

I can't speak for ALL conservatives, butt...some of us DO get the joke. Most of the time.

I thought it was written tongue-in-cheek.

He's serious?

(Giving new meaning to clueless, daily)----> Giddy

Re: Recovering 24 addict's Snopes.com link: All candidates should be commended for not raising their hands to the throat of the soloist and squeezing vigorously. (And I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Mrs. Harkin was unable to control her laughter.)

You didn't even have to read very far in this piece to know that you were dealing with a stick-up-the-butt rightwinger -- anyone who starts out by immediately pointing out that someone else is a *gasp* atheist when the subject under discussion has nothing to do with religion is not going to be a life of the party kind of guy...

Regarding Recovering 24 Addict's Snops.com link, specifically the link that says Obama didn't cover his heart during a playing of the National Anthem, is it me, or do the two men look enormous in that photo, and the two women look incredibly small? I know the angle of the photo is playing tricks on us, but I find it particularly amusing.

I disagree...I think this what most liberals think.

I have been seeing "Kill Bush" bumper stickers here
in Maine, over the past several years. They aren't
common but they tend to be placed next the "peace
sign" sticker better known as "the footprint of the
great American chicken".

"Kill Bush" bumper stickers seem to be popular
amongst the wacky liberal pacifist crowd. Just
because some body is a pacifist doesn't mean they
don't want to kill somebody they hate.

Wasn't there a movie that promoted the idea of
killing President Bush faily recently.

Let me try again ...

Look at what liberals do...liberals spit on returning
U.S. soldiers.

They did this during the Vietnam War and from what I
am hearing they are doing it now.

This is what liberals do.

This is what wacko-right-wingers do - they label everyone they disagree with as evil, nasty, spitting people. Then they close their minds. Forever.

If only they'd do the same with their mouths.

So Ben Dover, are you gay ??

Commie Homiesexchual evil doers!! All of ya's I tell ya!

I though so with a handle like "Ben Dover"

You're real clever changing your handle tp
"Wacko Right Winger"

You're so clever. We're all confused by your
"superior" brain power.

Do you have a "Kill Bush" bumper sticker as well ??

gangus, we're not even the same person. Chill out, man.

If you MUST know, I'm a BUSH supporter, conservative, Republican. Any more questions??

I'll give you a little hint. Check out the email addresses and you MAY be smart enough to figure out who's who next time, k??? Howzat for superior brain power??

Lighten up, dude!

It is my observation that the policy of this
blog is that comparing Dick Cheney with Pol Pot
is somehow really humorous.

However, if somebody says that liberal pacifists
have a history of spitting on US soldiers is
offensive and that person needs to "Chill out,
man" or "Lighten up, dude!"

Maybe I was being humorous, but you can't grasp
it...satire and irony and stuff.

gangus, I wasn't referring to that. Read up. I'm not a liberal lover but I don't come here for political sparring, unless it's done in good fun. For the most part, it is. I have many liberal friends and we chose to respect each other's opinions. If you were attempting to be humorous, maybe adding a "booger" in there somewhere will help ;-P

gangus, it's obvious that you are not familiar with Gene Weingarten who is a humor writer for the Wash Post. The referred to sentence is from his weekly online ch@t. Humor writers use hyperbole to
1. make a point
2. be funny
3. as if
I'm not a fan of generalizations but you seem to be the epitome of the neoconservative who is also a homophobe.

Very sad, actually.

BINGO, El ... WTG!

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