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January 27, 2008


A murder suspect is arrested wearing non-threatening footwear.
(Thanks to DavCat)


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The fuzzy slippers were to lure his victims into a false sense of security.

And can someone please tell me what a skull-head pattern is? Are there types of skulls I have not heard of that are for other areas of the body apart from the head?

on the street, they called him the Lion King Killer.

Killer or not, he's going to get a real hard time in jail in that get up.


This is awesome.

This guy ought to get jail time off for going out in those slippers. Maybe he can even sue for police cruelty...

His street cred will never be the same.

so he's single? siouxie wanted me to ask.

I haven't read the article yet, but my guess is his victims laughed to death after seeing that get-up.

Wait a second --- he was DRIVING in those slippers?!?!?

If he wanted to scare people he should have gone with these.

Is this the land of Oz or something?

During the strip search he was found to be wearing Underoos.

I'll guess that his teachers never taught him whut wuz real ...

(Iron and coke ... chromium steel ... )

(Sorry ... automatic reaction when "Allentown" enters whut passes for my stream of consciousness ... )

No officer, I'm not lion!

O The U? I think he's got that "coke" part down pretty well.

I'm reminded of that quote from "Hot Shots, Part Deux" where Charlie Sheen was told "Your Indian name shall be...Fuzzy Bunny Slippers."

But this kid is a shoe-in (?) for a room-mate named Bubba..

In a related story, The Fashion Police have charged him with first degree buffoonery and are seeking his extradition.

Oh Ralphie, your Aunt Clara always sends you the nicest presents...

Christmas Story double-dog-dare snorks @ Steve

Does anyone think that the judge will let him walk?

was he arrested for a crime, or for the outfit?

*snork* @ KOW

LOL @ cg

*makes note of Jeff's link for birthday present list*

^5 for OtheU (thanks for the good earwig!)

*giggle @ Steve H*

Additional charge: Driving while dressed like a garden gnome fashion impaired.

OkieDokie, the outfit IS a crime.

No orange jumpsuit for him. Who bets the judge told the bailiff to leave him in those clothes in the clink and make sure there are some really big, ugly guys in with him. Oink, Oink, squeeeeal.

Y'all never been to the 'hood have you? I used to see those slippers in Detroit, even in the winter time. He is missing the requisit pacifier though. As Dave would say "I am not making this up." I think the theory is you have to be extra bad to go out in the 'hood looking that stupid. Would you mess with him?

his slippers are very funny!

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