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January 24, 2008


Some women in Springfield are regretting their decision last week to get a tattoo from a door-to-door tattoo salesman.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Go figure!!

What does her tat say? YUCK??

Ahh. Evolution in action.

They too get to vote, sheesh.

"Door-to-door tattoo salesman." There just has to be a Jeff Foxworthy joke in there somewhere...

Stupid is as stupid does. That should be on a tattoo.

Perhaps he needled them until they relented.

Funny that the tattoo parlor guy mentioned special deals on brain surgery. These people must have gotten two-for-one specials on lobotomies.

(I'll stick with the liquid kind, thank you.)

What's next?? Door-to-door gynecologists?

"Beware of deals in parachutes, brain surgery and tattoos," said Miller Cotton, a tattoo parlor owner.

Thank goodness he didn't mention door to door botox injections or I'd be out of business and have to clean the fridge.

Siouxie, there's your answer to "Professional what?" on the Corey the Moron thread - door-to-door tattoo salesman!

If you hit the "enlarge" button I think it says "YETI".

"Beware of deals in parachutes, brain surgery and tattoos."
That is SO gonna be my next tattoo.

I must say, though, she looks much hotter with the tat.

Didn't the article also say the tattoo salesman had an Australian accent...?



*SMACK*!! no laughing at Yetis!!

What's next?? Door-to-door gynecologists?

Posted by: Siouxie | 11:44 AM on January 24, 2008

OMG Sio! Are you telling me that guy was a fraud?!

"Hey Meester, do you have a tattoo of your wife naked? No? Do you want to buy one?"

Linda: "Hey Tamra? hold ma beer and watch this!"

*groan* @ cowhand

Funny you should mention gynecologists. There was a guy arrested in Broward County (just north of Miami for you non Florida folks) for giving door to door breast exams. This happened a couple of years ago. I think they each paid him about $25. There are some incrediblely stupid people in this world.

What's next? Door to door lap dancers?

Wait.... that might actually be a good idea. I could use some extra money....

steph, I remember that and I believe Dave blogged it.

Cheryl?? you got suckered too?? He was cute though.

*hair flip*

All you need to get started is a computer!

Come now, people - the key is finding your niche - I'm now taking orders for my new franchise - Tat, Lap & Lager.

I SO gotta have one of those!

I regret flashing the door-to-door mammographer

I'm speechless. *sigh*

*knock knocker*

This reminds me of the door-to-door gynecologist who was also running a scam and giving free (or maybe just cheap) breast and pelvic exams. Seriously, people, THINK!

January 25, 2006?

"It was wrapped with black tape, had a pin underneath it, had fishing wire going through it"


Just thinning out the gene pool is all...


Claire's been very busy. She's still trying to catch up to the rest of us. Cut her some slack, huh?? ;-P

"Beware of deals in parachutes, brain surgery and tattoos,"

And vasectomies and lasik to that list, please.

I used to work for a doctor that shared office space with a chiropractor who claimed he could cure ANYTHING with a simple spinal adjustment. That is, until this little old lady died because he told her the aneurism the MD diagnosed her with didn't require surgery - just a spinal adjustment.


*takes machete out*

Someone mention vasectomies?? circumcisions??

*snip* *snip*

Siouxie, I don't trust that machete. No black tape or fishin' line. (HI!)

Ol B-o-B - did you get a two-fer-one discount?

((((((bali)))))))))) smooch!! I've been missing ya on the blog lately. how ya been?? (loaded question, I know ;-))

PT Barnum underestimated.

Did anyone notice the markings on the paneling between these tat victims?

Some dots should not be connected.

*snork* @ queens.

I was thinking about starting my own door-to-door business.

Olo - that frightened even me.

Would you ladies let this guy give you a breast exam if he came to your door?

What if it was a really good price?


Jeff - I wanna know how those two women made it to the ages of 33 and 36 without being Darwin Award recipients cuz that's a special kinda stupid.

When my brother was about three, he collected rocks and went door to door selling them for a dollar. He sold several. I may try that.

what's the difference between door to door mammograms and door to door strippers or lap dancers? it's all good.

LOL, Lizard = when my nephew was 5, he and a little buddy picked the beans from his neighbor's garden, then sold them back to the guy for $1. Fast forward 25 years and that kid STILL makes more money than I do.

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