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January 30, 2008


Keeping the World Safe from Minor Bicycle-Safety Infractions

(Thanks to Siouxie and Doc Rick)


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So they zapped him with a taser just to show him how dangerous it can be to ride your bike at night?

That actually makes sense to me.....

Course I think you guys have stopped that, Sorry my first first

I'll bet the the guy was riding a Nutcracker when he was tazed.

Congrats, Dusty!

Waitaminit!! Since when is it illegal to ride a bicycle under the influence?? Does Lance Armstrong know about this???

Yay, Dusty! :-) I love firsts.

Yes, it is illegal to ride a bicycle under the influence. When I was visiting my mom in Tampa a few years back, I met a gal who was on trial for vehicular homicide - on a bicycle. She had been on some prescription and when making a turn, didn't have her bike all the way in the median break. A car clipped her bicycle's back end, fishtailed or something and crashed, killing the passenger. When I told my mom about meeting her, she remembered the story very well from the news. Blew my mind.

You can never be too careful. Tasing in this case was justified because you never know when something like this is going to happen.

He might have been smoking rats, never know. Those rat smokers are krazy!!!

Whoa, Bãrön - that's wild! Oh, and a BIG howdy - I haven't blogged with you in quite a while. :-) Hope you're well!

Don't squirrels make nutcrackers? A whole box of krispy creams for that cop. He may have uncovered a major terrorist cell.

*waves @ DD*

I have been a little sporadic in my blogging lately. They're having me do a little something that they refer to as WERK here at the office lately. It is annoying and takes up a considerable amount of my blogging time.

Let's see, a multi ton(ne) car clips a 10 lb bicycle and fishtales ... can't quite wrap the physics around that.

Question? Does non-lethal weapons in the hand of law enforcement embolden them?

... and what's citizenship government documents?

Let's see, a multi ton(ne) car clips a 10 lb bicycle and fishtales ... can't quite wrap the physics around that.

Operator incompetence.

*waves back!*

Bãrön, my own blogging has been sporadic for a few weeks for multiple reasons, not the least of which was a full week sick, but I'm trying to live up to my standards. ;-) Just glad to see you out and about!

Kibby - I may very well have some of the logistical details of the story a little off, as I am only citing what I remember from what she told me. All I can say is that my mom remembers it, too. Might not have been a big car, or it might have been that the driver swerved and clipped her anyway, or something.

*goes to google Tampa bicycle homicide*

Don't tase me bro.

Thanks, Cheryl. I was waiting:)

Suit yourself, Kibby, but I couldn't find her case online. It was in the late 90s, I think, because if I remember right, my father was still alive.

Yea, I couldn't find it either. I was wondering how it turned out for her.

Betsy, it had to be said--so I figured I'd go ahead and get it out of the way.

I don't blame the cop. I used to live off an unlit, winding road next to a lake. When I drove home, usually in the rain and at night, I would come ThisClose to running over an all-black clad pedestrian or biker with not helmet or reflectors. Even though it would be their fault, I would have to live with maiming/killing someone, and would probably be held liable in a civil suit. Tase him, bro

Personally, I think anybody over the age of 18 caught wearing the Tour De France bicycling outfit with the spandex and tear drop helmet needs to be tased immediately. Especially if they are in the middle of a major highway because they "have the right of way". PHTTTTTTT!!!!!!

Kibby - I don't know. I only met her the one time. It was "airport bonding" as we waited for flights. She lived part-time on Long Island, which has been annexed as a part of Florida. Honestly, I think New Yorkers and New Jersians have a dual state citizenship granted at birth.

^5 Rick! nice posting with you!

Doc Rick - there is a guy who comes to my spinning class dressed in full LiveStrong gear. Apparently no one told him we aren't moving, so aerodynamic gear isn't necessary.

Right back at ya Siouxie! ;)

I found that last night looking for something totally different. And no, it wasn't porn...for a change.

Merri Lee, the only thing sillier than grown ups with beer guts wearing all that stuff are the ones who ride these.
I'm sorry, but your not Lance Armstrong fat, old guy so get the hell out of my way.

It was more than that, the guy ran away from the cop when the cop tried to stop him. The cop even warned him. As soon as I read that part, I figured the guy was guilty of something else, or else why would he run?

More about the story

Here's more:

"Of course, there's more to the story than that. The suspect, 39-year-old Omar Herrada Rivera, jumped from the bike and ran when the Glenn County deputy, Cale Smith, tried to stop him. The deputy chased the suspect for less than a block, warned the suspect that he would shoot him with the Taser, and eventually did."

And another article

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