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January 27, 2008


A retiree counts sheets of toilet paper.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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every roll, and every box of toothpicks, is short? maybe the poor guy just doesn't see very well. or count very well.

first? my first first! woo-hoo!

Highly decorated veteran of marriage.

One of the features of Obsessive-Compulsive-Compulsive-Compulsive Disorder is a preoccupation with counting things and keeping track of counts and numbers....

Just sayin.

Jerry, that you????

psssst.....I have a friend who retired and has started to investigate things such as how many lawn mowings he can get out of a gallon of gas. He also reads the blog from time to time. You know, when he's not investigating such things.

this is exactly the kind of thing my mother would do.

But was it low-flow toilet paper?

Oh, and Josh, that should be "CCCDO" so that the letters are in alphabetical order.

Oh, and ew! at "Scratching an inquisitive itch" and fun facts 4 and 5 at the end.

I sent this link to my children and friends with the instruction to intervene if/when I start doing this.

I hope he remembers to send a report of his findings to Sheryl Crow...

My grandma likes to count how many times she can try to set the house on fire in a days time.

Some societies without TP use the left hand for that kind of job.

Thanks for the tip Josh. By the way, in you post (including your name) there are:

05- n, 's
12- o 's,
14- s 's,
04- h 's
03- ~ 's and
09- t 's

(sorry; i couldn't pass that one up)

Lemme tack on an r to the word "you" in my previous post.

[preview is my friend, preview is my friend, preview is my friend]

* There are 11 r 's in this post.


"Hill didn't want to make a stink about it, but thought someone should know"

Fun with OCD.

Seriously, any/everytime the topic of OCD comes up I think of one person in particular. This young lady could tell you how many telephone poles, traffic lights, etc., there were between her house and the nursing school we were attending. She had confided this in me and I kept her secret. Needless to say, however, knowing this about her could make an otherwise long dreary day a bit more entertaining. Well, for me anyway. Every once in a while I'd get her stuck on counting ceiling tiles in a room, the number of stairsteps in the dept., how many times a certain instructor would use the word "Uh" in a lecture... you get the idea.

Her name is/was Kathy. We became pretty good friends but, as often happens, we lost touch a few years after graduation. Even as I think of her now I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat and chuckling. My fondest memory of her 'count-o-mania' is of one day during clinical rounds on the psych-ward. We sat in (as students, thank you very much) on a group therapy session. It had been a while since I'd triggered her OCD so, as we settled into our seats I leaned over and whispered to her, "I wonder how many times hands will be raised in the next hour?"

I'll never forget the look she gave me. You know, the squinty-eyed and slightly pursed tense-lipped glare that you get from a redhead just before the words "you bastard" are mouthed back at you....

I don't know who had it tougher that day. She was trying to keep up with the conversation, as well as, the running count of hands in the air. I struggled too; doing my best to not bust out in laughter every time she'd scribble another pencil mark or two, or three, or five on a sheet of paper.

...and yes, whenever she'd speak to the group, I'd raise my hand... usually more than once.

I paid for dinner that afternoon.

I had an instructor once (I'm a PA) who used to say the world would be a better place if everyone was taking Zoloft.

He probably had stock in Zoloft.

OCD is quite amusing to others, but if you actually have it, it can be very frustrating. Just FYI.

That said, I do look back at certain episodes and get a good chuckle.

wingpup, and anyone else personally suffering from OCD or any other compulsion (gambling, drugs, alcohol, even smoking), I don't mean to make fun of you and I wish you the best of luck in fighting it. The affliction however is rather amusing if you think about it.

Oh I quite agree. My friend and I often look back at a certain incident and LOAO! It was even funny at the time, though frustrating for both of us.

OK, aside from the counting...

"3) An average of 666 rolls of toilet paper are used at the Pentagon each day."

666 and the Pentagon. Scary, ain't it?

Their asses are Satan!

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