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January 25, 2008


It applies to roofs.

(Thanks to Chaz Schlueter and ads and weaselboy)


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Although they were able to get their message across, they still get a D for artistic design.

They had better watch out for 'blue ice.'

I wonder if I can sell my roof as ad space to some schmuck advertising executive. Great idea!

I have seen bullseyes painted on the roofs of Target stores near at least two major airports.

It's Philadelphia - rudest town on earth.

shame it doesn't show up on the satellite images. yet.

I flew out of Philly on Monday and saw this. It's even funnier because the house is right where the plane turns due to the noise abatement requirement. It looked like we were running away from it. Bonus snorkage.

Drawing the middle finger would have been just as appropriate.

Kind of OT/
As for as journalism is concerned, is it ethical to Photoshop the obscenity out? Shouldn't they have blurred it or put black bars over it?

Attica!! Attica!!

I loved the way they hid the full word but then used it twice.

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