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January 24, 2008


It's a good thing she got a head start on reading the Want Ads.

(Thanks to Clean Hands)


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...not that they'll do her any good from her jail cell.

Maybe she'd like to sell tats door-to-door instead.

"However, according to the police report, she told authorities she would never return to the business. "

Might be due to that inconvenient restraining order?

Paranoid much?


Loved the video. "We went to talk to her at her apartment." (Shows reporter knocking on door.) "She was not home."

"We went to the owner to talk to him; he wasn't available..." (Shows reporter entering front door of business anyway.)

It was not immediately clear whether Cooley was terminated from the company.

Nah..her bosses can't be THAT spiteful...right??

but at least there was a lot of high quality communication going on in the business where openings are published and management talks about how we are adding to the staff.

Speaking as a registered Scorpio, I understand the desire for revenge, but deplore the utter lack of deviousness soas to cover her a$$. If I did that, they'd never know it was me. *looks over shoulder guiltily*

Deleting all your boss's files from his business: $2,500,000
Bailing yourself out of jail afterward: $10,000
Finding out that you threw your whole life away because you overreacted to something that wasn't the end of the world anyway? PRICELESS.

Wanted for computer damage, knowledge of linux not required.

Yikes! Was she really doing such a lousy job that she thought her head was on the chopping block? The company is probably glad to be rid of her!

The owner wasn't available for comment because he was at her house, deleting all the files from her computer and unplugging her refrigerator...

This lady was pretty computer illiterate for someone with high level access to important files; her deleted files were recovered and they easily figured out who did it. If I were going to attempt something like that, such mistakes wou)+&^333,,....~\~~!~~4~~Q_____ of ² _^_^___.

If she thought that unplugging cables has something to do with deleting files off hard drives, she's not exactly bright.

The boss ain't much brighter if the only problem was that his cables were undone and he called in a high-priced rescue firm.

When I started working here 2 years ago, we still typed invoices with a typewriter. I finally convinced the boss to invest in a few computers, and he is still so terrified of what can happen, that he personally keeps copies of everything I do on paper. When I read this story to him, the look on his face was priceless !
Oh yeah, a little job security goes a long way !

but...how many of you read the want ads?

I do... Apparently not in the same paper.

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