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January 25, 2008


It's completely out of control.

(Thanks to JEC666)


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Such a dangerous criminal to require being 'handcuffed behind the back,' ostensibly to prevent her from reaching for that shiv in her granny panties.

The cops had no option thay had to nip Clearwater's crime wave in the bud.

No Happy Meal for you!

Note to self: Don't get in the way of Mr. Policeman's free Big Mac.

Don't tase me whippersnapper!

on her own recognizance

They tossed her out on her what??

Anyone else think that MAYBE having a little power has gone to their heads?!

That is soooo funny!!! It's soooo funny I hope it happens to one of your elderly relatives. Enjoy the police state, they're just getting started.

Fearless, I mean no disrespect, and you certainly have a right to say what you think, but I'm honestly curious as to why you come and read here if you don't like what you see? The rest of us go out of our way to try to see the absurd in situations. I'm just confused.

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