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January 25, 2008


Now they want to take away a man's castle.

(Thanks to Eric Kerstetter)


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Isn't castle a chess term?

Castle, King's side.


Chess anyone?

First to say they have no right to take away a man's hidden castle.

Or not.

"It looks like a mock-Tudor house..."
Why is this guy mocking the Tudors. Doesn't mean to treat with contempt.
The Tudors ruled England for 100± years. Sorta like Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton... ?????

Ya gotta give them credit for keeping the kid out of play school so he wouldn't draw the hay. My only question is how no one noticed the family car coming to and from the hay bales everyday? Not one neighbor got the least bit suspicious? What about the fact that the hay bales stayed there without movement for 4 years? Oh those wacky Brits!

*igloo puts away chess booze and adds "mock" between "Doesn't" and "mean"*
A variation of the Ruy Lopez opening.

There mocking me...make them stop!

*igloo puts away chess booze and adds "mock" between "Doesn't" and "mean"*
A variation of the Ruy Lopez opening.

It was like looking for a castle in a hay-stack.

Doc - that would also be 4 years of no neighbors visiting, other farmers noticing he had stacks of now rotten hay, etc.

*snork @ JEC*

They had a cannon. Bring on the pesky local government. Besides, the police over there don't carry guns anyway.

If I remove one door, can I keep it?


*peeks out of her igloo, no sign of building inspector, goes back inside to finish her lighthouse*

NO, not ^THAT^ igloo...

A man's home is his... oops

Talk about making a mountain in a mole hill.

They should get points just for their craftiness at skirting the law. The politicians sound like they are just mad because they were had.

Igloo - That which hold Igs together.

Kinda O/T:
I saw these stories on my banner page as I signed in this morning, but I knew I would be opening the Blog after my email, so decided to wait, and read the news from the Blog directly. Am I the only one who uses this method of getting the news ?
Back O/T sorta

Naw, Tcd. Sometimes you glimpse something you know will wind up here. Then again, sometimes you'll see Plastic Jesus Switchplate Cover.

I was going to send this in, but I couldn't find a picture of the house, so I figured the hell with it. ;)

The authorities are right to be going after them. This is just how D!sney took over Orlando.

With hay bales?

Straw man purchases. Somewhat like Hay.

Mold issues, anyone? Hungry cows attacking? Can't exactly have a fire in the fireplace, now could you? Except maybe once.
Pouring rain all week here. I've got cabin fever. I have got to get out!

Castle ---> Main St. ---> Magic Kingdom ---> Tower of Terror. QED.

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small, small, small world.

You think you know a person...

El, I'd *smack* ya for that earwig but...I love ya.

Annie, have a great time and I want pictures!! ;-)

Snork @ JEC & El

Is this what is meant by a straw pole?

This guy could really have gotten away with it, but he was pushing his luck when he started f@rting in his neighbors' general direction.

And the accent didn't help.

Were there any flying cows involved?

He should get to keep the macadam (asphalt) racetrack, just for sheer Balls and Johnson.

Straw Man
Straw Pole
Straw Poll
Short straw

Who knew straw was so ubiquitous?

Any others?

The straw that stirs the drink.

Oh my back! No more, please!

ooh,Camel, you poor thing. :(

OK, ig ... LTTG gettin' back ... tnx, I did not know that ... gotcha ...

Late *SNORK!* @ Punkin and her igloo.... ;-D Bwahahaha!

hmmm...can someone send this to my neighbor with the almost tiny, yapping all night long dog. I could donate the hay. Granted..if that happened, I'd have to boot the pooch over a giant stack of hay bales. I'd try hard. YIPE YIPE!

P.S...Boot the Pooch MBAGNFARB:)

LOL shell, puppy punting.

Did I miss anything? Just got home. Since the owners of the Cowboy Palace had a scheduling conflict, they raffled away their VIP tix to Saturday's Garth Brooks concent. Guess who won?

Now I gotta find somebody to take with me.....

If you have the money honey, I have the time. We'll go honky tonkin' and have a good time. Of course you'll have to front me the air fare and accommodations but I'll make sure to reimburse you after the show. *wink*

Sumhow, Annie, "VIP tix" doesn't sound much like the "nosebleed section" tix our kids gave us as a 25th Anniversary present ... (wowser, THAT wuz a while ago ... um ... nevermind ...)

I'm thinkin' y'all will enjoy it a bit more with the VIP seats, bein' as y'all won't need optical magnification devices to see the stage ...



*smacks* Rick! She likes ME better! pffffffft!



I think "DeBakey" is still at the Baylor College of Medicine. I don't think he's passed away yet; although he must be close to 100 years old.

But the question remains: Is his throne low-flow?

CONGRATS, Annie !!!!
2008 has been good to you - all 26 days of it ! Hope your luck (read: luck=talent)runs through the whole year !

OK - typo makes that post awkward. I MEANT luck "+" talent - sheesh.

thanks, telecom - interesting year already, no? The section I'll be in is sponsored by Budweiser. Yes, of the Clydesdale fame.
I'd love to take Dave, but he'd have to get thru Miami Int'l Airpark in under 4 hours, so that's not happening. :(

He should move it to suburban Pittsburgh. It would fit right in here: http://www.pitt.edu/~caram/exterior.htm


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