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January 27, 2008


For all your needs.

(Thanks to DavCat and Just Ducky)


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Well at least it was more subtle than using eBay.

That explains the Craigslist ad from Oroville, CA looking for a divorce attorney.

Just *how* does one phrase an ad for a hitperson?

CWF in Grand Rapids seeks hitman from Oroville, CA. Object: Long-term eradication?

(CWF= Crazy White Female)

You can get anything on Craig's List.

Some people are so trusting these days. "Yeah, I'd like you to kill someone. You don't think it's the job for you? Well, don't tell anyone, okay?"

This would seem (to me) to bring up an interestin' point of legal stuff ...

Did she ever actually go to CA?

If not, therefore, did she actually commit a crime in CA? Or should they merely "transfer" her computer to CA?

Merely wonderin' about legal jurisdictions and such like that ...

This is why I prefer Eb@y. At least there you can enter feedback about the seller and get partially reimbursed if the seller doesn't deliver as promised.

Meanie, with e-B@y, theoretically, she could enter that the potential BUYER ratted her out?

I think I confused myself. She's buying a hitman's services, so she's the buyer and the hitman is the seller. OK, amend my post above. It's what Meanie said. Got it,

Thank you.

So, apparently "sanction" is no longer the euphemism of choice? [Waves cane to flag down geezer bus]

*SNORK* @ Meanie!

Also, why put the hit on the other woman? I mean SHE didn't make any vows to the wife. Her husband did. I so don't get women who are willing to make excuses to keep a man who just clearly is so not worth keeping.

Well, why did she want to date a married guy? Murder aside, if he left his wife for her, odds are he would find another squeeze who would murder Linscott.

Elon - 'ZACKLY.

I just read that the hookers who descend on the Super Bowl each year also use craigslist to set up their, ummm, advance appointments.

If there are tax accountants on there too then craigslist really does have a full range of services: death, taxes, and nookie. (Beer and chocolate are not technically services)

So what category would that be listed under?

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