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January 25, 2008



Turns out that Na Hoon-a does NOT, in fact, prove his point.

(Thanks to Danny)


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I'm still gagging from the bird poop in the mouth on the previous thread.

How appropriate that an ad for Sweeney Todd precedes the video

Any news on Brittney. Latest Cam shot?

LOL Johnny, I thought so too.

*grateful that he didn't PROVE his point*

I'm assuming his singing has not suffered, or has he been singing soprano??


I refuse to watch, thank you and I still hate karaoke. Just to be sociable I'll take your word.

It's been a LONG time since we've seen a bona fide castrato on the stage....

He would be better off castrated. In shame, not that he doesn't posses enough for the entire panet, He could change his name to something more catchy. William Naut-So-Hung.

JUST when you think you're going to see something actually worth while, a moment in time for humanity to celebrate, the proof that not all men are liars--or better yet, a new wave away from Brittany and Paris Hilton flashing privates to show us our brave new world...

A man is actually going to get in on this "I can flash better than YOU can" fashionable culture peccadillo,

Men disappoint.

The US remains supreme!

Oh, and by the way...Dave's new Book, History of the Millennium...DOES deliver the goods, unlike this guy, who holds no candle to our beloved host and merrymaker.

If you haven't read it yet...shame on you. How one man can pretty much sum up the state of the union, in one book, is beyond comprehension...

Japan, eat your heart out...WE have Dave Barry!

And as a last note of my usual annoying comments...I am going over to Amazon to put up a comment on their "review" comment board on this book where I can think of one paragraph which should render at least the Nobel Peace Prize.

Since Dave puts up all these pictures for us to all get a good laugh out of every day, I feel it's the least I, myself, can do...besides send Walter some better clothes.

hoon's A hoon located

"me thinks he dost protest too much."

Sheesh, to hit that thang, you'd need a sharpshooter. One immune to giggling.

If he had any balls he'd have shown them.

So, he is...pointless?

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