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January 31, 2008


For '24' fans, the strike's hours drag on

(Thanks to Dock Rick, who notes that, incredibly, this blog is not mentioned)


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With a whole article on 24 bloggers, how is it that this 'reputable' news source failed to discuss The Amazing Steve's deranged ramblings contributions to the genre.

It's clearly time for some writer's thigh shots.

Or in this case maybe waiting is the easiest part?

How does the writers strike affect 24?

Chloe got pregnant, fivver. She had WAY too much time on her hands...among other things.

Not that there was any actual writing going on.

I am looking forward to the new season, especially with Chloe pregnant.

Remember last 'day' when Morris to a drill to the shoulder and recovered completely in a matter of hours? Well, I am looking forward to Chloe growing to the size of a house over the course of 6-8 hours.

The writers strike really needs to end so that we can enjoy the balloonification of Fraulein O'Brien.

Bleep-bloop-bleep-bloop- ------~------~------~------~--


The network said they're waiting until they can air all the shows back to back. I think they have some shows already shot, but don't have all of them completed.

Baron.... I blame it on the space aliens running that newspaper have no idea...

They don't mention them either...

Wait. Are they saying that 24 uses an actual script?

Baron, the new season takes the standard 18 plus month leap into the future from the end of last season so Chloe's little bundle of joy will have already arrived. Supposedly Morris will be at home taking care of the little bugger while Chloe and her Taser assist Jack in defeating Evil Tony Almeda in D.C. And Steve is right about having 8 episodes already shot. Fox doesn't want to air it with a big continuity gap which means a fall airing at the earliest. *dangit*

*snags the extra "k" from Doc's name in Dave's post*

Amazing. Not one mention of Steve. Their research department is clearly as alert as the standard 24 writing staff.

A Chloe mini-me. Look out, kindergarten!

An update on the writers of 24.

*snork* at WD's post - very clever!


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