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January 25, 2008


Let there be light.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, who needs a handbasket, and Chuck Cody)


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Ted, Ted, Ted....you're such a sick sick man!

Oh, this is so wrong on so many levels...

what? no BVM????

Holy Jeebus!

Words do not suffice....

Ted, Ted, Ted....you're such a sick sick man!

Posted by: Siouxie | 01:19 PM on January 25, 2008

I neglected to add...

I'm proud to know you!

Jesus & Ted....The Mullet Militia.

That's a switch.

Blocked... they call it pornography. Can somone describe?


I like that it sez, "Honor thy Father and Mother" -
Huh ?

I am having the same problems that Josh is. Please Describe... sick inquiring minds want to know.

description: it's uhhhhh. well, it's kinda like uhhhhhhh. Imagine an uhhhhhhh.....nevermind

It's a Jesus light switch cover with the "switch" positioned in a very inappropriate place. (iykwim aityd)

It's a lightswith cover of Jesus with a child on eithr side, and the on/off switch inconveniently placed...um, when the light is on, so is He. *bleaching keyborad*

It's a lightswith cover of Jesus with a child on eithr side, and the on/off switch inconveniently placed...um, when the light is on, so is He. *bleaching keyboard*

Now I really am going to hell. Move over, Ted, I want a window seat.

It's a light switch cover plate of Jesus with a his arms around a child on each side. The switch is inappropriately mounted and in the on posi KZZZZZZZAAAAAAPPPPPP

What, you mean this one? I could have sworn I sent this into the blog several months ago, and it was never posted. I thought that maybe it may have been too offensive or something. If you think that one is bad, you should see some of the others that are archived on that site.

No handbasket for me either... I think I need a sled...

One handbasket, coming up!

well he did say something along the lines about being the way, the truth and the light.

I don't care if it rains or freezes
'Long as I got my plastic Jesus
With a switch that gets nice and hard
Comes in colors iridescent
Complete with children prepubescent
Why'd that lightning bolt just strike my yard?

Oops, my handbasket and I simuled with the Baron and his sled. It was a messy collision.

cg, I politely avoided that line. DMTA!

That is SOOOOOOOO Wrong!!!!!!!!

How many times do I have to tell you kids to quit turning Jesus on!??!

I love the way the children look upon him with lo... is this handwagon an express?

"Now boarding, on Track 666, Express Rocket Sled to Hell, with climate acclimazation stop-over in Miami. ALL ABOOOOOOAARD!!"

*jumps on rocket sled as it stops in Miami*


I can just imagine what led up to this mess...

Dad: "Children, Jesus has done a lot for you. You should be doing things that please him to show your appreciation."

Kids: "You mean like when we see you pleasing Mom?"

Mom (whispers to Dad): "Do you think they saw us in the kitchen last night?"

Dad: "Nah, they're too young to think like that anyway."

Just helping children to learn what really goes on in Church.

We had these in our house growing up and I never once thought of it that way.

Youse guys are paying for my therapy.

Who needs therapy when there's an everlasting party awaiting? I hear it's so hot that the roof really is on fire!

*Ponders saying, "That explains a lot about Annie"*

*Decides against it*


(Love ya, Annie! ;-) )

The angle of the dangle is proportional to the bootie of the cutie and the heat of the meat.

Is there a version with a dimmer switch for those of uncircumcised faiths?

*snork* @ Lairbo.
*grrrrr* @ Renee.

I was the head copywriter at a huge Christian mail order/website for a number of years. Besides Bibles and books, we sold some of the most cheesy Christian items imaginable , such as a figurine of Jesus in hockey skates and a hot pink fake fur Bible cover, but that light switch cover wins the prize. What the HELL were they thinking?!

I'm not touching that. Literally or figuratively.

Dirty lightswitches!! (tsk)

As long as turned-on J is a different Son than J in-a-bush, we should all be OK.

I used to have one of these when I was small. You got one for selling "Easter Stamps" to fund your (Catholic) school.

*SNOOOOOORK!* @ Lairbo!

Watt Would Jesus Do?

What Wood Jesus Do!

Great combo: Save energy and bring joy to the Lord all at the same time :->

Dirty lightswitches!! (tsk)

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