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January 03, 2008


In case you missed it, it was a very ____ year.

If you need to talk about it, go here at noon.


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Is it me or is this article not loading???

It's frozen, Siouxie. Put your PC in the microwave on high for two minutes.

ahhhhhhh...that would splain it.

"Is it me or is this article not loading???"

Wait, you commented on it already. How did not see it?

I finally thawed it out and submitted a question.

Cool! Dave is having a chat! Will Gene Weingarten be there?

Crap. Why didn't you put this up earlier, judi? I don't have time to read it now. If Dave finds out, you're gonna get fired.

Yay, Dave is having a chat! Will Gene Weingarten be there?

SW, the Post archives their chats for a couple of weeks. You'll be able to read it later.

if you're talking about the year in review, SW, it was blogged last week! :) i just put up another link in case anyone missed it.


Tnx fer explainin' that re-bloggin' judi ... I wuz beginnin' to wonder if sumbuddy wuz channelin' Dave ... or if Dave wuz channelin' sumbuddy ... I thot that stuff wuz familiar when I started readin' it ...

*wanders off ... trineta remember where he parked the Geezer Bus ...*

Are you sure Dave can make it due to the current weather conditions?

He can always work from home.

At first I thought this was a (mildly rude and not quite safe for work) madlibs thing.

He's blogging now. Answered Annie's question too!!

YAY Annie!!

heh! he just answered mine ;-)

Siouxie from the frozen south ( Miami): What do you think about global warming now???

Dave Barry: I want it to come back to Miami.

He's coming to NH tomorrow!!!!

Readies stun gun, ropes, duct tape, feathers camera.

No fair! Annie got two questions. That no good, conniving, little, yellow livered...

dave did not have a chance to answer my final question:

why is everyone so obsessed with your hair and the color of your shirt? why don't they focus on your rock-hard abs of steel?

or maybe he didn't answer it because he's so modest.

One hour?! Man, Weingarten kicks his ass.

You know, of course, that some people will read his column and think things actually occurred as written during 2007. Those would be the people who were drunk most of 2007...

How far back does people's obsession with Dave's hair go back?

What's this about Dave's back hair?

LMAO judi!!! I would have loved to have seen his reply.

Probably, he'd fire you.

well, there was a column called "the hair apparent" in Greatest Hits, which came out in 1988. So he probably wrote in 86 or 87. It's one of my favorites :) actually i might try to find that and put it up on the columns page at db.com later today... but anyway, it's been at least 20 years :)

Dave, I see you failed to note the accomplishments of the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots in your "year in review". Do you think this will negatively impact your presidential campaign?

Doc Rick - that was SO your question. ;-P

You know, of course, that some people will read his column and think things actually occurred as written during 2007. Those would be the people who were drunk most of 2007...

Posted by: Kathybear | 01:24 PM on January 3, 2008

they didn't occur as written?

judi, and his hair has looked the same ever since.

cg, of course they did. CJ told me and he never gets drunk.

The Cheez It sandwich question was mine. I'm so proud.

Boo - I was disgusted. Good job!

Sio, I choose not to get drunk. I achieve that by refusing to sober up.

Thanks for the hair story, Judi!

Ah, well...good interview, guys! You asked awesome, funny questions, and Dave gave his usual funny answers. I missed the interview 'cause I was huddled under blankets in my Miami home waiting for global warming to come back.

I loved the 'digs' at Gene's desk, which from Dave's comments, I assume, is a trifle untidy. (I bed the 'untidy' includes more than his desk, too.)


judi's linky

Excellent. Just awesome to know Dave isn't fooled for even a second by our nation's leaders, Paris and Brittney.

judi, that was GREAT!

Dave, please do a 2008 'PREVIEW'


Too funny, lilrascal!

So, Punkin, are we going to meet up in New Hamster and stalk Dave or are you too tied up with the little gourdlet these days? Probably he'd be too busy "working" (cough, cough) to have a beer with us anyway.

(By the way, aren't these Miamians a howl, talkin' about how *cold* it is? We got ten below zero here in Beantown with the wind chill factor today, how about you? Dave's in for a real treat when he arrives at the Manchester Airport or wherever.)

It was a great transcript and a great column, and good to see so many blogits having their questions posted. And the s.b. too, of course. :)

judi - GREAT link!! I don't think I ever read that one before. Thanks!

Did you read this part of the interview? Very cool!!!

Dave Barry: I'm going to be writing more columns this year. I'm going to New Hampshire tomorrow to write about the primary for The Miami Herald, and I'll probably write more about the presidential race after that, because if there's anything more entertaining than the way we choose the president of the United States, I don't know what it is. I'll also be going to China this summer for the Olympics, where I will be competing in the pole vault.

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