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December 21, 2007


I'm in Miami. The gunfire never sounded so good.


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Welcome home, Dave!

It's a Christmas Miracle!

I hope you wrote a book about your experiences.

Gate bless us, every wand.

Dave wrote a book?

Congratulations on escaping the heck-on-earth that is the Atlanta airport!

Was Dave flying today?

Now to make it home alive. Drive carefully Dave, and remember to leave your turn signal on. You are ove 60 now after all.

ove Maria, al

Notice he didn't say his luggage was in Miami.

Now all you need is a white christmas.

About time you got home. Happy Winter Solstice. (That's latin for the shortest day of the year.)

In honor of this short day... and Dave's arrival home... BlogBar's Open!

*sets out Hickory Farm Beefstick/cheddar/provolone/horseradish, boxes of wine, cases of beer, and Scotch for the BlogSnobs*

home before sundown. mazel tov.

We were counting the hours...

LTTG but...

Bienvenido a Miami.

A 21-gun salute for Dave!

I guess this means I should stop waiting at the San Diego airport.....;)

Glad you made it Dave!

Have joy!

YAY! for being home!!

I fly home tonight; I hope I don't have plane problems.

I'm flying to LA tomorrow via Atlanta. Pray for me...

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