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December 26, 2007


They're festive.

(Thanks to DavCat)


(Thanks to Betsy)


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I'm surprised the first woman didn't clean the abode before inviting police over for the holiday.

You wouldn't want to have strangers thinking you left your house imperfect during the holidays.

If someone had been sniping at me for 2 days and I had just cooked them supper, I'd probably chuck it at their head, too.

And, sure, the guy invites people over and then lays about in bed. What's a woman to do?

Rovenne Barnes told police over the phone she stabbed her husband because "he keeps inviting people over in the apartment and she wasn't going to take it anymore," police said.

Sounds like this guy.

just guessing here, but if she's tired enough of "people" being invited over to stab the guy to death, those "people" were of the female persuasion.

People continue to ignore warnings that fast food is not good for them.

But what really got her pissed was when he hollered "You want fries with that?"

P'haps she wuz merely upset becuz he said her buns looked fat?

The Police couldn't find him? They must not be very good - after where she admitted kicking him, I would suggest looking on the ground...

Gosh, the holidays just bring out the best in some people, dont they...

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