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December 21, 2007


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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It is no surprise that France, which has a proud rooster as its unofficial emblem,

Nope. Too easy.

France??? chickens??

no comment.

.....one of the few female breeders....


The French sure are different.

Although it may seem obvious now, who'd'a thunk that France's National Emblem would be a chicken?

Ray Charles anywhere in sight.

At least they are proud of their coc... nevermind.

Oh, the French and their food snobbery. Send them a bucket of KFC and remind them what our fathers did in WWII.

Sporting the national colours -- red crest, white feathers and blue feet -- don't forget the yellow belly.

sort-of-off-topic: years ago, before scanners at the supermarket, my mom was checking out. one of her purchases caught the eye of the checker..."what's a capone (pronouncing it like gangster al)?" she asked loudly. my mom tried to enlighten her.

I heard the winner was decided by default. She was the last one in the line to capitulate.

"Oh, the French and their food snobbery. Send them a bucket of KFC and remind them what our fathers did in WWII."

Actually, they do remember, or if they're too young, they know because there are memorials on the beaches at Normandy -- and the town I live in is not the only one (by a long shot) that pays big tributes to the US and other allied forces every year.

I once had a "nutter" (seriously -- she was certified and put into a psych hospital) xenophobe tear into me over current US politics and various French folks rounded on her, saying that they wouldn't be here if not for the Americans in WWII.

Sorry to get serious, but the French DO remember. Many didn't at first because De Gaulle and Roosevelt disliked each other and to get even with FDR trying to exclude De Gaulle, DG neglected to tell the folks at home just how much the US had done. But they know now. There are streets and metro stops over here named after US presidents -- Kennedy is another big favorite. Ok, so the French aren't the kind to throw themselves at our feet out of gratitude (it wouldn't be very French to do that ;-) but what our soldiers went through in WWII definitely means a lot to them still.

And they have KFC over here, btw, so no need to send it. :-) And, alas, McDos on almost every corner...

Oh, why oh why couldn't WENDY's be the one to go all international??

"Although it may seem obvious now, who'd'a thunk that France's National Emblem would be a chicken?

Posted by: Bãrön vønKlýff | 10:04 AM on December 21, 2007"

Actually, more specifically, it's a strutting ROOSTER -- "un coq". And so funny to see the men out in their rooter hats during the world cup finals.

I've seen some of those, Amer.

I love the French, I love France and I love Paris. I've driven the N7 (I think?) from Paris dowm tp Arles. Great drive. :)

That would be down to.

AmerinParis --
As is often the case, demonstrations are against administrations. People help each other.

I'm not sure whose German was worse, but I encountered a really nice Portugese couple the other day on a self-navigated tour in Chicago. They were lost, but we were able to communicate a lot more than others might think.

I'm hoping to learn enough Farsi to smile and say a few phrases with some parents of kids at a youth program where I volunteer that are from a country named as "an axis of evil." I might even send a card on "Death to America Day," although I suspect that the local Hallmark will have to special order something.

Even when I was in China during an anti-foreigner campaign, when I was lost I was treated with great patience and great respect by people. And that was with a country with whom we supported the other side in their internal conflict during WW II.

Thank you for the reminder...

Thx Eleanor and NMUA. Yes, people aren't necessarily their government. I've read tear-inducingly-moving stories of Germans who saved Jews, even if "only" one person. And when Parisians were demonstrating against the US presence in Iraq, people were as delightful to me as ever. If I mentioned the demonstrations, they said, yeah. That's politics. They disagreed with what the US was doing, but that didn't mean that they hated Americans!

And you should have seen how, in March 2002, NY firefighters, staying with their French counterparts for R and R after 911, were given standing ovations when one of the dancers (American)at the Lido announced their presence in the audience.

The French LOVE and RESPECT their firefighters very much; they were very affected by the bravery and sacrifice of ours.

And good for you, NMUA. I hope the Farsi study goes well. I know people from the Axis of Evil and they are, gosh, gee, humans! Sounds like you know that well yourself. ;-)

Sorry, getting carried away. Christmas is a sentimental season for me.

"...De Gaulle and Roosevelt disliked each other..."

Charles pretty much disliked everybody, and it was mutual. That aside, A in P, I enjoyed reading your posts.

De Gaulle and Churchill were pretty much on nonspeakers for the entire war.

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