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December 21, 2007


So my current flight -- for those of you keeping score, this is flight number three, although none of these "flights" has actually left the ground -- is now delayed. They have posted a new departure time of 11:31, which is comically optimistic, as it is now 11:20, and we haven't started boarding. But I like the "31."
BREAKING NEWS: They just announced that there are mechanics on board, checking a "problem." They hope to have an announcement in "30 minutes."
I'm going to see if Starbucks sells cyanide.


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I think most companies put poisons behind the counter this time of year. Ask REALLY LOUDLY.

Dave, if you recall, I drove 11 hours to see you at the Miami book fair. Greenville, SC is closer to Miami then my home, which would make your trip even shorter. You could have been home by now if you would have driven. But, on the down side, you probably wouldn't look as cute as I did when traveling 90 mph with the top down on my Miata.

I know I looked cute cuz I was going so fast, noone could get a really good look at me.

I usually carry my own for such occasions. Three ounces in a quart-sized, resealable zip lock bag, of course.

Just load up on caffeine and bounce home . . . sounds like you're more likely to catch more air jumping then your (not you're) plane(s) is(are) today.

Dave, somday you will look back on this and your blood pressure will still skyrocket to 'stroke' laugh.

Dave, this is one reason I don't fly. When one is severely phobic, words about flight delays and "maintenance work" for goodness sakes, have a way of, over the hours, escalating my terror exponentially.

Meanwhile, I posted a couple of comments about France and roosters and WWII and such over on the French chicken thing, but everyone seems to have moved here or to Dave's last update. I sincerely hope that people will back up for a couple of moments to read my thoughtful commentary. If not, I guess I'll have to keep reposting it anytime anything remotely linked to France comes up.

Dave, on the brighter side...

*Chestnuts are roasting on an open fire....*

Amer, I'll go find the French chicken thread...:)

"Amer, I'll go find the French chicken thread...:)

Posted by: Eleanor | 11:44 AM on December 21, 2007"

BLESS YOU, Eleanor!

Amer, I've read your comments and agree. We visited Paris a couple of years ago and loved it! The biggest disappointment was we didn't have time to visit Normandy.

this might be the problem.

"Amer, I've read your comments and agree. We visited Paris a couple of years ago and loved it! The biggest disappointment was we didn't have time to visit Normandy.

Posted by: fivver | 11:51 AM on December 21, 2007"

Thanks, Fivver, my life has meaning ;-)

I hope you're able to visit Normandy one day. It's a beautiful area and the memorials are very, very moving.

Oh, and my gread-grandfather 30 or 40 times removed was born in Normandy. Then he immigrated to England. Had a little trouble with immigration at first. Some bloke named King Harold showed up and he and Great Granddad William had it out.

"this might be the problem.

Posted by: ellie | 11:51 AM on December 21, 2007"

OH, poor Santa!

Amer- My sister and I went to Paris a few years ago and had a wonderful time. I wanted to make it out to Chartre (sp?) but didn't have time. We wandered around Paris and ran into wonderful people and great out of the way places. We were even asked to be extras in a film that was shooting in a church.

I sent my 11yo daughter there with a group in June. She saw all the sights and went to Normandy. I'm glad she could have the experience at such a young age.

PS: she ate frog's legs and escargot and loved it. I'm so disgusted proud of her!

So like years ago, when that Segway scooter thingie was brand new and the news persons couldn't stop talking about how it would change American life, a discussion on a Sunday morning "news" show wavered into city planning and this new scooter thingy. Would we need new lanes? and Should they be allowed on sidewalks? One pundent then asked about cities like Atlanta, which according to him "do not have sidewalks."

So for years now I have disbelieved but wondered about sidewalks in Atlanta. Do they exist, are they merely rare? Where do people walk?

So, Dave, if you find yourself permanently in Atlanta, could you do a dude a favor and look out for sidewalks? Maybe count them?

My wife won’t let me go down there for sidewalks.

Ellie, you're daughter is very brave! I've had one meal of each and no way I'm eating either again.

Chartres isn't too far from Paris and I want to go visit soon... even living here it takes years to get around to seeing all there is to see here -- or being asked to be in a film... and some people manage it on their first visit! Wow! ;-)

WSe'll be back Amer. We owe the concierge at the Ambassador big time! Between the two airlines we used to get there, our luggage went astray. After a couple of days of dealing with them directly and getting nowhere, I went down and told him our tale of woe. He turned purple, picked up the phone and started yelling. The next day our luggage was delivered.

Good for him, fivver! Now I know of another good hotel to recommend!

We really liked it. It's older but then again aren't we all. It was the hotel Charles Lindberg stayed at after his solo flight and it was used as a liberty hotel by U-boat crews during the occupation - and they got the best of everthing. The people were friendly and the service was great.

Amer, I too once believed cliches about the French. On a recent trip from Kiev to Nuremburg I was flying through Orly. I had to get from one end of the airport to the other in about 5 minutes. French security took me to a van on the tarmac and drove me to my gate so I could make my flight. No security check or customs. AirFrance delayed the flight for me.

Then they surrendered. (Sorry).

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