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December 21, 2007


So I decided that my best hope was to go by car from Greenville to Atlanta, then get a plane to Miami. I made it to Atlanta and got through the 986,000,000,000,000,000,000-person security line and ran to the plane, which turned out, after we boarded it and sat for an hour or so , to have..... a maintenance issue! Apparently for optimal flying performance, both engines need to be working. So now we're back at the gate.
I may be spending Christmas at the Atlanta airport.


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Knowing the Atlanta mess you may be right. In any case, Merry Christmas!

At least they speak English there! You could have been stuck at LAX for the next 3 days, and starved to death because the cashier couldn't pronounce "Jumbo Jack" well enough to tell the cook.... (I've seen this happen, it's not pretty) And apparently, at LAX, if you say "Hold the mayo", it translates into "Extra mayo, on both sides of the infidel's bun!"

Dave, I've got a spare bedroom and a just bottled batch of pinot noir...

fivver - directions please!

A childhood friend of mine is an air traffic controller at Hartsfield. They were next door neighbors and his bedroom window was just 10 feet away from mine. During the summer, when I had a fan in the window, he would often shoot bb's at it to hear the "Ping" when the pellets hit the spinning blades.

That memory bothers me when I'm landing at Hartsfield.

Dave, I hope he's on break when your plane takes off today. (And I do have faith that it takes off today.)

Just don't eat one of those nasty Krystal Burgers.....

The need for two engines is over-rated. Cars get by just fine with one, why not planes?

You want to drop on down to LaGrange, Dave? You're welcome to join us. I'll be baking cookies today.

Oops, forgot to change the name. :-)

One thing about aircraft engines, they ALWAYS work long enough to get you to the scene of the crash.

i'm so sorry.

(The Blog: It's not your fault.

The s.b.: I know, but I'm still sorry it's happening.)

(It's good to have traditions.)

C'mon people! Everyone knows if you fly with only one engine you go i circles.

C'mon people! Everyone knows if you fly with only one engine you go in circles.

whewww..judi! At least Dave can't fire you for this.

I'll be in the ATL airport at 10 pm tonight. I will buy you some amazing Atlanta airport Chinese food if you're still there.

Stephan H - the sad thing is the Chinese food is about as good as they get.

At least Chick-Fil-A will be open for at least part of your stay in the Atlanta airport. They will be closed on Sunday (and presumably Tuesday) so you might need to plan ahead a bit.

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