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December 21, 2007


Santa's in the Miami airport. I'm guessing his flight is delayed.


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Did he check the reindeer?

No, the reindeer are in clear plastic one quart resealable bags. Lots of clear plastic one quart resealable bags.

TSA probably thought Rudolph was a terrorist.

I believe they're working on a Maintenance Problem with Rudolph's nose, and will have a departure time estimate in 30 minutes. They didn't say what year.

Quick Dave, steal Santa's golf cart and escape out of the airport before they drag you back on a parked airplane.

By Santa's profile, he looks suspiciously like Fidel Castro. What a perfect way to sneak into the country.

Watch out - I think I see Siouxie's machete flying towards his head.

Sheesh - that fat guy needs a makeover. Red & whites is soooo '90's.

AA, great minds think alike!

then one foggy christmas eve, santa went to the airport because olive the other reindeers were plastered, and rudy's light went out.

Just wait until Santa tries clearing the TSA checkpoint...

That kid standing next to Santa looks familiar. Any chance Elian Gonzalez has sneaked himself back into the country?

WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!! I am officially ON vacation till next year. Got my Chirstmas boner..I mean bonus.

As a Certified Seer, I see new shoes in Siouxie's future.

Siouxie, since ya have that nice new Christmas bonus I could stand a free drink down at the old blog bar. The kids are out of school early today and I need a beer stat.

Here's some beer stats for you.
Growth of the craft beer industry was 11% by volume for the first half of 2007.
The craft beer industry eclipsed 6.7 million barrels of craft beer produced
in the U.S. in 2006.
The fastest growing craft beer sector
in 2006 was microbreweries
(up 16%), showing customer support for local breweries.
Craft beer is the fastest growing segment for supermarket scan data. 17.8% growth was stronger than all other alcohol beverage categories.
Craft beer sales share in July 2007 was 3.60% by volume and 5.4% by dollars.
Craft beer industry sales have grown 31.5% over the last 3 years.
Total U.S. Craft Beer Industry Annual Dollar Volume: $5 billion.

Interesting stats Iggy. Especially considering the fact that I've begged the wife to get me a beer brewing kit for Christmas. Seeing as I haven't finished putting up the Christmas lights yet I suspect she will probably be getting me a Ritalin prescription instead.

lmao of igloo! Snork! Snork! Snork!

I think he has to connect to Atlanta.

The last time I was in Miami I went to a nude beach and Santa was there!

Swear to God! Long white beard, belly like a bowl full of jelly.... and nothing else...

Kind of traumatic actually.

That's your pilot. Wait'll you see your aircraft.

AD- Be glad you didn't see Mrs. Klaus. (How on earth is that possible. The man is a freaking monk. How on earth did he get a wife. Maybe that was his Christmas present and he decided to share joy with everyone else.)


Um, I think the guy on the bottom right is an elf in disguise.

"3.60% by volume and 5.4% by dollars." What's that in proof?

Old Pilot Joke:

Santa needed his annual FAA checkride to make sure the sleigh and team were flight-worthy before Christmas. So the guy from the FAA shows up at the North Pole, and spends about 45 minutes inspecting the sleigh, Rudolph's light, the harness, etc.

The were just getting ready to take off for the chec-ride when the FAA agent exclaims that he had forgotten something, and would be right back.

Santa waited patiently, and a few minutes later, the FAA official climbed back into the sleigh, and said "Cleared for departure!"

Now Santa couldn't help noticing the fact that the FAA inspector was now carrying a shotgun, so he asked him the reason why.

"Well, I'm not really supposed to discuss it with the pilot before the flight, but you may expect to lose an engine upon takeoff...."

Happy Boner Day, Siouxie!!!

In case we all get busy with the holiday, may I wish you all contentment. I value you, my friends. Have a safe and happy holiday!

AD - I'm thinkin' it would take a looooong time to recover from that. Glad to know Santa's relaxed and all, but...wow.

At least Santa didn't hit on me.... I guess I should be thankful for that.

AD, I was going to say something about being thankful for the little things, but, in this context, that might not be polite. *self-snork*

iggy, you can rest assured that your "vision" is correct. There will be shoes and purses and clothes and lots of goodies for me and mine, as well as paying some bills. I am, after all, a conscie conshient smart shopper.

Rick, all your drinks are on me tonight. I'm wearing waterproof. ;-)

WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!! I'm officially done with work for a couple days...well, at least until Sunday afternoon. I'm on vacation next week, so I gotta work the weekend so I can take a couple days off. My Christmas holiday bonus? Two movie tickets.
Something is wrong with this picture......

Hey, is Santa hugging that kid, or holding him hostage and planning a getaway in that snazzy beep-beep cart?

Also, the kid-slash-hostage looks to be holding a -- *GASP* -- he has smuggled bottle of WATER past security! It appears to contain far more than three ounces and it's not in a one-quart resealable bag with a ziploc top. JUMP HIM!

Oh, and G0d bless us, everyone!

*dumps the rest of the coffee in the sink, resumes cookie-baking*

Not to worry, KDF, he just bought one of those $12 bottles inside security.

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