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December 21, 2007


I'm on a plane again. I'm not sure which one, or where it's going. Away from the Atlanta airport is all I ask. Other than that I don't care any more.


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If you wind up here in San Diego Dave, call me. I'll come and get you!

FIRST to get to pick up Dave!

YAY me!


Good luck, Dave!

Looks Like the bot got me...yeah, Elanor!


Have a safe flight...wherever.

Bravo et bon courage, Dave!

You know, car companies (and public transport, if it existed) should advertise in airports, perhaps right next to the magazines or Starbucks:

"If you had rented a car, you'd have been HOME BY NOW!"

Yes, the bot got me too, but I guess I was a little faster. ;) I even had a simul with myself!!

*lights 2 cigs, one for each of me*

Is it good luck to drop the "p" in update?

Oh, and Dave, if the pilot gets REALLY confused and you land at Orly or CDG, no worries. I'll protect you.

Hey Dave,

If it ends up in Seattle you can spend Christmas with my parents. I on the other hand will be spending Christmas in Venice Florida.

Dave, it it winds up in Buffalo, good luck. You're on your own.

Dave, thanks for the "UDATE". You may want your boss to help with spell checking.

Oh, wait, you don't have a boss! Silly me!


At least it's good that you can blog your frustrations away instead of shoot people.


That is computeresse for when Dave us going to get home.

Unknown Date and year

us = is

Yea I am not a typist

Dave, if you're in the air for five hours then land in Atlanta, don't be surprised.

I sat on the tarmac in Philly for 2.5 hours the other day. Gettin' on the plane is no guarantee you're leving. I highly recommend sudoku books to stave off the frustration.


I am fully prepared for my flight on Monday.

Great idea, 24, put yourself to sleep.

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