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December 26, 2007


Honesty foils car theft sting operation

(Thanks to published author Annie Where-but-here))


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hmmm, i found a visa card in a parking lot. wonders now if the cops were watching me.

Isn't this entrapment? I mean, if they stuffed a dead body in the trunk, could they get them for murder???

How about we stuff Drew Peterson in the trunk, and hand the thief a gas card.

Our local police would probably arrest the Good Samaritans for interfering with a police investigation.

Now, now, Punkin...haven't you been reading all the local columnists, urging that we consider the wife-killing arrogant smirking mentally unhinged above-the-laws-of-man-and-God bastid innocent until proven guilty??

Good idea, Punkin.

In New York, the cops left a wallet stuffed with cash & credit cards on the subway. As soon as a guy picked it up and looked inside to see who it belonged to so he could return it, they arrested him.

Maybe they could try that in Miami, Dave.

Uh-oh. My son and I were walking through a parking lot and "Find a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck".

Young man! Hands in the air!

Here in Johannesburg, the car, including the contents, would be gone before the cops got back to their observation post.

i've completely missed what happened with annie!

Has something happened to Annie?:-(

This story was in the same issue of the paper as my story. If you don't want to register to read the whole thing, the slugline is- I submitted a story about putting up our Christmas tree and they published it on Christmas Day.
Many Dave bloggers have been posting wonderful comments there and I thank you all so much. As of last night, it was the most emailed story of the paper! (you can read the same story on my blog - scroll down to 'Horizontal Conifer.')Thank you all again for making my Christmas.

judi, Annie's Christmas tree story involving beer and ladders got published in a city that was nuked but it's missing the beer (the story, not the city).

Errm, Annie beat me to it. Actually, she was attacked by globally coldened squirrels driving carriages up and down her street.

Oh! Something good happened to Annie, Whew!. I haven't been on the blog much during the holidays so I've missed a few things.

dances, my son gave me a candle shaped like a.....squirrel! My own son has crossed over to the dark, furry side.

Annie, that's frightening. Hmmm, I wonder if there's a USB version with lights ...

*insert wild applause*

^5 Annie!

Wow. They should've tried this at Dadeland. They would have caught lots of bad guys. Are those people in Cali on drugs or something? If so, I want some.

Annie, we can email the paper about your story, too? *runs off to find out how*

Holy crap, Annie! That paper sure doesn't make it easy to comment. What am I, a terrorist?

Thanks, guys, again, for all the support. I think it helped because I'm working on another piece for them. (Shhhh!!!)Suzy, yes, it is a real PITA to post there. Thanks for doing it anyway.

Oh, giving the blood sample was all worth it, Annie.

Great story, Annie!

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