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December 24, 2007


Singapore shows some class.

Key Quote Indicating Tastefulness:
"Since there's an interest for products that Sharapova will use during her stay here, we want to do this tastefully," organiser Jerry Goh told Singapore's New Paper on Sunday. "So no toilet seats or covers will be offered for auction."


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Crap! NOW what will I get hubby for Christmas???

Oh, and "Bangkok Post"...I think CJ has one of those.

I guess I can scratch THAT item off of my wish list!

(As IF anyone would WANT it?? Puleaaase...)

That's the way to remain a classy operation... let everyone know that although you thought about it, you decided not to do it.

In the spirit of the season, though... It's the thought that counts!

Let's hear it for the great unwashed. And ewe how classy to consider maybe washing sheets and pillowcases and toilet paper.

Ok, I'm officially "checking out" for the rest of the day. I've got the clan arriving in a few hours.

Y'all have a wonderful Eve!

See ya, Punkin! Merry Christmas Eve!

So...not staying at the Trump Grand, then?

Bye' Punkin! Have a merry merry merry....!

Somehow, I knew Punkin' would be having the Clan over for the holidays. :-]

Is Sharapova the one who grunts loudly?

During tennis, anyway?

I wouldn't know, Annie. CJ?

Merry ChristmaHanaKwanzaYule, everyone!

You, too, AuntieM. It's a gorgeous day here in SoCal. See?

Let me try that again.... See?

Very nice, Annie. It's balmy here in Virginia. Odd for this time of year. It rained yesterday. No snow, though :(

We have snow!

Ok, so it's very organized, and we restrict it to specific mountainous areas, and maybe it's manmade, but....we have snow!

Very Merry Christmas Eve, Punkincita!

Annie, that is gorgeous. When can I come over??

Sure. Rub it in. I think that we make snow in some of the mountain areas, but I'm nowhere near there. Sigh. Oh, well. My parents are in Florida for a week, and they called to gloat about 81 degrees and being able to walk on the beach. I can't win here.

From my favorite Christmas card of all time:

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannukah!
Joyous Kwaanza!
And to all the athiests: Have a nice day!

(Seriously, Have a joyous Holiday, full of hugs and SNORKS and love.)

They include disposable items such as bathrobes, towels slippers, pillow cases and bedsheets.

Oh yeah, that is tasteful indeed. And how nice of them to consider that some pervert will want them unwashed.

Siouxie - you are of course welcome any time at all. When you fly out, I'll even send you cookies to survive Miami Int'l Airless-sucking-sound.
And maybe we'll take the beach route all the way down to visit El.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

Have a Mery Christmas...etc TOO!

(pssst..how's the little Hammette?? surgery went ok?)

Yeah, Hammie - how's squirrel-girl doing?

Since they aren't selling it I guess this will go
unanswered but I really wonder if it would have been delivered in the seat up or the seat down position?

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

The erector set is off of her left leg now and she should be able to put some weight on the right leg starting on Thursday. Things are getting better, day by day. Thanks for asking!

*carefully counts exclamation points to make sure I got as many as Siouxie*

Progress is always a good sign.

i'm partial to "yield"

Crossgirl, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but everyone knows "Railroad Xing" beats "yield" hands down.

True story, I saw a sign in cg's yard that cracked me up: a STOP sign that says: Please STOP Santa, I can explain.

So no toilet seats or covers will be offered for auction."

So...I guess that leaves shoppers us with nothing to go on?

*sorry, it HAD to be said*

oops..dyslexic moment there...

us shoppers

Ouch, Siouxie. No it didn't.
I'll bet MKJ can find that Sharapova-pooper on blackmarket eB@y.

Crossgirl, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but everyone knows "Railroad Xing" beats "yield" hands down.

Posted by: Edgar Greenberg | 11:43 AM on December 24, 2007

my dear edgar, i'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you that in all actuality, "railroad xing" beats "yield", arms down....

I always liked "Slow children playing."

I always felt a little sorry for them, though.

Hammie, I always thought it was kind of rude to point out the "slow children". Probably damages their self-esteem or sumthin.

We got snow this morning! YIPPEE! A White Christmas!

House - clean
Gumbo - simmering
Bread - baking
Wine - chilling
Cider - warming
Cats - freaked

Merry Christmas to All!

Congrats, Cheryl. We get snow once in a while near Christmas. Not this year, though.

It's always fun to freak out the cats, fivver! Merry Christmas to you, too!


please don't squeeze the sharapova...

Well, it's about time that somebody drew the line.

And, of course, a Christmas snork @ insom

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