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December 21, 2007


(Thanks to Brainy Jello)


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"President Bush, successful in forcing the Democratic Congress to bend to his will..."

Who is he, Darth Vader??


it is shocking that he could string that many words together and fail to mispronounce at least half of them.

how the he!! would he know!! shaddup, dumbya!

I am just gobsmacked. (I have wanted to be gobsmacked for quite some time and I thank you all for this opportunity.)

Could someone please sew that man's mouth shut? What about all the money and lives that's he's wasted in his fruitless search for Weapons of Mass Destruction?

I'm sorry, I was looking for the humor blog.

*smacks gjd's gob. Washes hands thoroughly.*

Who woulda thunk it? Dubya is a comedian.

more importantly, we've yet to find those weapons of massachusett's destruction.

Thank you, Annie. You're a good friend.

I have been sitting here trying to say "Massachusett's". It's not easy.

*Sneaks behind blogbar to break out the eggnog.*

*nods head in marfie's general direction*

I wonder what city Dave is in now? I hope they have beer.

He shoulda gone to Charlotte or RDU, instead of Hartsfield "Abandon All Hope Who Book From Here" Airport. I guess Atlanta is like a portal, with a direct (eventually) link to the MIA "Permanent Construction Zone."

Dave is home. ------>

He's right about the 9,800 special-interest projects. He should tell Tom Delay that he shouldn't have started that trend.

You tell 'em, W!

Man, that takes some balls. Especially with the war in Iraq approaching the $1 TRILLION mark.

Plus a $5 Trillion deficit on his watch!

this is why I don't come here much anymore....Let's see.....personal attacks by Bush supporters....0
By Bush haters......nevermind

Why would supporters make personal attacks on Bush? Besides, the ratio of non-supporters to supporters is, what 4:1? Statistically speaking, you can't be too surprised.

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